23rd Marble in Izmir will have a focus on product design and on construction with natural stone

Hasan Tunçağ, Deputy General Manager of IZFAS, organizer of Marble - International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair. Photos: Izfas

For further information visit Izmir Fair at Marmomacc, in S.C. Arena, Stand 56

Will there be any new arrangement at 23rd MARBLE to be held from March 22 – 25, 2017?

Hasan Tunçağ: For the first time, the fair will be a platform for product design made of stone, as well as a venue for ideas of interior design. It will also show new ideas how stone can be used in architecture and construction. We are still in the planning. More news will be published at the end of the year on our website. We keep working that Marble 2017 again will be one of the most important fairs for the stone sector.

Why is the fair a MUST for everybody from the stone and stone machinery sector?

Hasan Tunçağ: Marble Fair is one of the top three natural stone fairs in the world and the biggest specialized fair for stone in Turkey. Turkey is an important producer with giant resources especially in marble or travertine and also several other natural stones of excellent quality. Onyx is only one example. Since two decades, Marble Fair has become a powerful place to exhibit new stones as raw blocks, slabs or worked pieces. More than this, the Fair will continue to be a platform for the newest machinery and equipment.

What is the importance of the fair for the building sector and for architects?

Hasan Tunçağ: We are doing special efforts to bring architects and builders to the fair. All data show that natural stone is becoming more and more fashionable material for the construction sector. That is because it is 100% natural and a material of exceptional beauty for construction or decoration. As the demand for buildings with „green” certification is getting bigger every day, the demand for stone is also increasing. As I already said above, we will have construction with natural stone as one new focus of Marble Fair in 2017.
Technology of natural stone is rapidly changing and high technology machines can make amazing jobs while shaping stones. Household goods now can be made from stone for reasonable prices. MARBLE is a platform embracing natural stones, designed products, architecture and machinery.

For further information visit Izmir Fair at Marmomacc, in S.C. Arena, Stand 56

Marble, Izmir March 22 – 25, 2017

Marble, Izmir, 2015.Marble, Izmir, 2015.Marble, Izmir, 2015.

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