Limestone „Pietra del Mare“ – a stone brand from deep inside Italian culture

Grassi Pietre: Limestone „Pietra del Mare“, honed surface.

Grassi Pietre located close to Venice and the Alps supplies cut-to-size materials for large building projects

At Xiamen Stone Fair (March 06-09, 2017) in Hall A 4221

What is Italian culture? Surely it includes Rome and the city’s history, Milan’s modern design and fashion or the mythical atmosphere of the Venice merchants, just to name a few aspects. But talking about natural stone, one of the most important Italian brands is the Pietra de Vicenza limestone from the North of the country close to Venice and in proximity of the Alps mountains.

It is a limestone in beige color expressing nobility and elegance.

Grassi Pietre is a mayor producer of that stone. One of European customers’ favorites is the so-called „Pietra del Mare“, a variety of Vicenza limestone containing lots of ancient fossils.

They give the stone a timeless appearance.

Technical Fact Sheet

The surface of the stone may be finished in various ways. We show a few.

Below, we also show a few buildings from all over the world where the „Pietra del Mare“ was used for façades or interior cladding.

About the company: Grassi Pietre family started working its quarries in 1850. The company is still based in the historical headquarters in Nanto (Vicenza) and has a focus on refined projects.

Nowadays, its long tradition of more then 150 years in business and its deep stonemasonry-knowhow are enriched by the latest processing technologies. The company’s plant in Nanto has 35,000 m² and relies on innovative machinery and high skilled manpower.

Grassi Pietre is specialized in cut-to-size projects in large numbers for hotels or condominiums as well as unique design pieces created by its affiliated firms Laboratorio del Marmo (LDM-Italia) and Artena Design (AND).

Grassi Pietre

Laboratorio del Marmo (LDM-Italia)

Artena Design (AND)

Design Hotel & Spa Colzani, Cassaga Brainza.


Tribunal Aarlen, Belgium.


Shinheung Stone Co. Ltd, Seoul.