VOLAKAS WHITE, a dolomitic marble with several decorative varieties, quarried in Volakas near Thessaloniki, by Greek Nordia Marbles company

Volakas White.

Name of the stone: Volakas White (also: Volakas Flower, Volakas Blue River, Volakas Sea Wave)

Stone type: dolomitic marble

Color: white (with bluish veins)

Quarry location: Volakas, near Thessaloniki, Northern Greece

Application: ???

Description of the stone: The Volakas marbles are characterized by a deep white. The varieties Volakas Flower, Volakas Blue River, Volakas Sea Wave have decorative bluish veins ideal for book match patterns.

Peculiarities of the stone: Dolomitic marbles stand out from their Calcitic family members due to their high proportion of dolomite mineral named after an area in the Alps. The mineral is responsible for the strong acid resistance and the unique shimmer of the stone.

Finishes: ???

Certifications:Certifications Volakas White.

Frost resistant: Yes / No ???

Company: Nordia Marbles is the continuation of Shistiria Marmaron Athinon S.A. founded in 1960 in Athens. Over decades, it has been proven on the Greek and international markets its unique knowledge and expertise in the building materials sector. “We focus on three key pillars: industrial specialization, people and the environment,“ as said in the mission statement on the webpage, “our main concern is that our products are friendly to both people and the environment.“ Today, it is part of the Nordia group.

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