WHITE CEARÁ COTTON MOTION, a variety of the famous white granite quarried in Brazil’s north by Ceará Stones Ltda company

White Ceará Cotton Motion granite.

Name of the stone: White Ceará Cotton Motion

Stone type: Granite

Color: white

Quarry location: Santa Quitéria, Ceará, Brasil

White Ceará Cotton Motion granite.

Description of the stone: Among the worldwide well-known White Ceará (Branco Ceará) stone, the Cotton Motion variety has a unique appearance characterized by a strong motion unusual for granites. It is an Albite-granite (plutonic igneous rock) with a poikilitic texture with a trachytoid matrix, originated by a rare geochemical phenomenon of mineralogical replacement.

Peculiarities of the stone: Due to its hardness and elegance, the stone has been used in projects that require durability and beauty, such as airports, shopping centers, and commercial and residential buildings in countries like Brazil, Argentina, China, and the United Arab Emirates, among others.

White Ceará Cotton Motion granite.

Application: the stone is recommended for floors, walls, benches, countertops, for any situation where strong abrasion resistance is needed.

Finishes: Polished, flamed, satin finishes

Certifications: BY ABNT

Frost resistant: Yes

Company: Ceará Stones Ltda’s profile focusses on the high-standards of the stones from Brazil’s Ceará province and the company’s own processing. It is able to meet the demand for large-scale works with quality and uniformity in national and international architectural projects. Just to name a few examples: airports Abu Dhabi, Ezeiza (Buenos Aires), and Guarulhos (São Paulo), museu Aga Khan (Toronto, Canada), or commercial buildings in China’s Jiangsu province. The total deposit area is 565 hectares, which corresponds to an estimated volume of 100,000,000 m³ of stone. Currently, the production is approximately 1,500 m³ per month.

Contact: Av. Manoel Mavignier, 4806 – Precabura. 60.835-025 – Eusébio-CE.
Tel: +55 (85) 98115-3699
Flávio Gomes (85) 99193 4646

Technical Data: Physical tests
Water Absorption(%) – 0.32***
Specific gravity [relative density compared to water at 4°C (39.20F) – 2.602**
Compressive strength (kfg|cm2) – 1,641**
Thermal linear expansion coefficient (0.001mm/C) – 9.8**
1.000m – 0,54**
500m – 0,21**

Technical Data: Petrographic and mineralogy analysis
TOPÁZ: 5 %

White Ceará Cotton Motion granite.