Q&A: „Don’t allow stains to dry“

(February 2012) Stone-Ideas.com: How to clean my granite countertop properly?

Stefan Wolf, master stonemason and CEO of Natursteinwerk Rechtglaub-Wolf, Lübeck (Germany): Let us assume you have an impregnated stone countertop. The treatment is a sensible value-added feature and the norm today. Normal day-to-day staining can be handled like you would on other surfaces: detergent in water, wipe, finished.

But don’t wait several days before beginning to clean. Once dirt has entered the pores, it is difficult to remove. E.g.: oil that has been left on a stone surface for days will cause capillary discoloration – even if the surface is waterproofed. Even worse, if the oil turns resinous – everybody knows this state from the outside of a bottle of oil after some time: the liquid turns to a sticky film, difficult to remove from the bottleneck as well as from the countertop. But who would think of leaving the dirt and grime on the countertop for weeks on end..?

My rule-of-thumb is: don’t let dirt cake. On the other hand, don’t panic for the sake of the stone. Should the stone have become stained, it is nearly always possible to remove it using a few simple tricks and mild chemical solutions suitable for natural stone.

But don’t attempt to do this yourself. Seek assistance form a stone mason or the natural stone manufacture where the countertop was purchased – not to the do-it-yourself shop. Handyman-shops are good for buying a screw driver or something of the sort but not natural stone or treatment for it.

O.k. so far? I have an appointment with a client.

Natursteinwerk Rechtglaub-Wolf (German)