Design: „Stone Drapes“

(June 2012) This was the ultimate challenge: giving stone the light weight and suppleness of cloth drapes. The challenge was taken on by Italian-based Lithos Design Company and designer Raffaello Galliotto. The result was exhibited at the International Furniture Fair in Milan (April 17th to 22nd) in the „Drappi di Pietra“ (or „stone drapes collection“)

The idea did not convert millimeter-thin sheets of stone as one might expect. Galiotto respects the properties of the material he uses including a robustness and mass.

And, he is a designer by trade. So he understands all about transforming his ideas quite literally speaking. To invoke the impression of light-weight Galiotto made the material flow creating light and dark elements. The effect is well known in flowing drapes which follow a wavy pleat. When the wind moves the fabric, shades of gray wipe through the surface.

„Chiffon“ is the name given to one of his 5 drafts.

Tiles of sizes of  60 x 60 cm an 60 x 120 cm are available. They are 8.5 cm and 10 cm thick respectively – albeit that the stone itself is a mere 2 cm thick. Since the stone is cut in waves the total strength reflects the depth of the tile.

Another model is „Tulle“.

The backside of the tiles is made of a super-lightweight material suitable for mounting in on a wall. The material conducts heat only minimally so the stone tiles interspersed with air fields act as insulation.

Finally „Foulard“ (Scarf).

Minimal use of material due to wave shaped cut of the raw block in parallel.

Lithos Design

Raffaello Galiotto

Photos: Raffaello Galiotto

Italian-based Decormarmi Company exhibited their collection Kreoo at the simultaneously held Bathroom fair Salone del Bagno.


Photos: Decormarmi

Parallel to the trade fair a number of other exhibits took place in the frame of the Design Week. Here DuPont Company presented its engineered stone Corian under the self-acclaimed motto „DuPont Corian springs the creative energy of Russian architects and designers“. Five designers presented their innovative ideas for engineered stone and brought to fruition by Artishock.

DuPont Corian

Innovative Design

Arch Group


Pole-Design Project Group




Fotos: Leo Torri / DuPont Corian

Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Mailand, April 9 – 14, 2013