Art: XXL

Granite, 12,4 m x 1,65 m x 30 cm.(July 2009) Good networking to quarries is an important precondition for Claes Hake’s work: the raw material for his monumental granite sculptures is rarely found – but when it is, he’s the first to know. Quarries call him up and he gets straight on his way. Observing the raw material gives the artist the inspiration for the ensuing piece of art.

However, freedom of expression has its boundaries in art, too: the sheer size of the gigantic boulders, which Hake uses, restricts his work. The artist is bound by the tools at hand in his studio as well as by the clients’ budget.

Transportation and mounting the works of art are but two of the cost factors. Exact structural analysis is needed. Hake’s work goes hand in hand with engineering science, so he works in close cooperation with an expert in the field.

His works can be seen in many locations throughout Europe and the USA. He lives in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

A painter by trade, he likes to „work with more than mere surfaces“, as he puts it. But not all his work reflects megalomaniac tendencies. Sculptures commissioned for interior decoration, e.g., are downsized. „You have to take care that the object fits in its surroundings“, says Hake.

Where sea meets land, the vastness of nature and perhaps of the universe unfolds allowing Hake’s artwork to take on extra large dimensions.

Claes Hake

Photos: Claes Hake