Art: „Lighthearted, harmonious and calm“

„Poisson 41“ („Fish 41“), marble from St. Béat.(May 2009) „Moving away from reality without losing touch with nature“, is how French sculptor Jacques Duault describes his concept (in French), „being inspired without merely imitating.“

The result is shapes that somehow remind the beholder of something, yet he must find the suitable interpretation on his own. He can see the figure „Poisson 41“ as a fish, as the title implies, or, just as convincingly, as a pollywog or a sperm.

Again Duault: „pure and simple volumes, individual shapes, light hearted and calm. The sculptures are pleasing from all sides, are transient, and then again static“.

The artist who studied at the École des Beaux Arts in Marseille, works only in stone, marble but also limestone and granite. For the longest time his main motifs were fish. Presently he is experimenting with shapes from the world of plats delving ever deeper in the realm of the abstract.

To quote the artist again: „sculptures which can be touched, stroked, that speak to those who listen, and that dance for those who can see“.

Jacques Duault (French/German)

Photos: Anne Sarda