Briefly noted

Probably the world’s biggest wire-saw has been built in France. It is 8 m high and some 8.5 m wide and can cut objects measuring 3.60 x 4.50 m. It is used in atomic reactors to demolish thick concrete walls. The heavy machinery is produced by Fernand Ravet Company of France, according to trade magazine Pierre Actual in its January 2014 edition (French).

Brazil’s natural stone branch has become the most important consumer of Italian machinery and equipment: in the first 9 months of 2013, Italy bought products worth some 77 million Euros representing an increase of 36.4% according to the Confindustria Marmomacchine Trade Organization.

Translucent Alabaster will clad the new Musée des Beaux-Arts in the French city of Nantes, by planners Stanton William Architects.     

„The image of the Euroean city“ is the title of an exhibition showing paintings, prints and drawings from the Renaissance to the Enlightment in the Museo Correr in Venice until May 18, 2014.

„Keep-Nut“ is the name of a new self-anchoring thread-insert for stone or comparable material: the concept is based on an anchor, which, with the aid of wings or lamellae holds fast in the stone block. Produced by Specialinsert Company of Italy (1, Video).

Latest information about the „Responsible Stone Program“ are published in tft’s newsletter. The international organizsation tft surveys producers’ compliance to social responsibilty (1, 2).

Street covering in concrete cobblestones worth a look was made by enlace arquitectura for a Caracas boulevard.

Photos, documenting the movement of the lithosphere have been published online by Nasa. These are pictures of the so-called Piqiang Fault in China.

The V. Global Stone Congress will take place from October 22nd to 25th 2014 in Antalya, Turkey. Contributions will be accepted up until April 24th.    

3-D printing on the rise: artists now have created an entire room and pieces it together.    

(17.03.2014, USA: 03.17.2014)