Art: Advancement of Europe’s sculptors

Pawel Weselow: Black Panther, 1973, USSR.(March 2009) Sculpture Network aspires to be a forum for contemporary sculpture. It sees itself as a link between sculptors, enabling networking between patrons and artists or affording a communication platform for participants. Its foremost goal is the advancement of sculpting by any means available. Presently the non-profit organization counts 470 members in 26 countries.

Organizers see themselves as artists’ advocates, e.g. as in the case of the Swiss artist Beat Kriemler: let us describe his sculpture as two interlocked bicycle wheels in Beijing’s Olympic park – visitors often climbed up the structure and in the long-run it took considerable damage. After the subject was published in the online newsletter, the city council commissioned its repair.

The initiative was founded in 2004, almost 5 years ago to the day. Its activities comprise an English and German webpage, a free monthly newsletter in both languages as well as in Spanish, and the organization and holding of symposia. The Network is situated in Germany.

Below are some interesting links to websites dealing with (stone) sculptures:

– Italy: http://www.scultura.org/

– Italy: http://www.scultura-italiana.com/

– Great Britain: http://www.rbs.org.uk/

– Great Britain: http://aboutstone.org/vl/

– Vietnam: http://www.danangsculpture.org/en/sculptures.html

– Germany: http://www.bildhau.de/

– Germany: http://www.s-stein.com/index.php?Navi=117

– Sweden: http://www.skulpturskane.com/

– USA: http://aboutstone.org/

– USA: http://www.columbinensg.com/InfoPublicArt.htm

– USA: http://www.borsheimarts.com/artists.htm

– International: http://www.sculturacarrara.it/

– International: http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/sculpture

– Sculpture by the Sea: http://sculptureinternational.com/

– Global Stone Workshop: http://www.globalstoneworkshop.com/