Raffaello Galiotto: „Catenata”, „Corallo”, „Corona”, „Madrepora”, „Porifera”, „Serpentina”. These small marble objects are made exclusively using 3D waterjet abrasive cutting technology. The particularity of these works lies in the complexity of their forms, obtained by following appropriate computer created cutting paths. The machine, thanks to these inclined, incident, multiple and overlapping cuts, is able to produce unexpected curved and perforated three-dimensional solids. Each of these small works investigates and expresses a different geometric problem that is inextricably linked to the specific technology of waterjet cutting. Produced by Budri, Mirandola (MO), Italy; machine by Flow, Bretten, Germany; model machine: Flow Mach3 4020 DynamicXD – Flow Hyperjet Ultra High pressure Pump