STONE, an exhibition dedicated to Portuguese Natural Stones

STONE, Batalha, 2013.

The exhibition center Exposalão in Batalha close to the Portuguese capital Lisbon will host the 2nd edition of STONE, the trade fair for Portuguese Natural Stones, from April 22nd to 25th, 2015.

The purpose of the exhibition is to promote and make popular the Portuguese natural stone sector, in its wide range from different kinds of ornamental stones to equipment and machinery for extraction and processing as well as tools and abrasives. More than this, it will also show transportation and logistics.

STONE will be a meeting point for all industry professionals and a networking platform to do great business.

In 2013, it counted 100 exhibitors and about 150 visiting importers coming from 25 countries.

This year, to attract international visitors, the fair organizers carry out a communication campaign through direct contact with importers and potential buyers of stone across different markets, offering them special conditions, during the visit to the exhibition, including:

* Free accommodation in a four-star Hotel (three nights for European visitors and five nights for visitors outside Europe);
* Free transfer Hotel-Fair – Fair-Hotel;
* Free snack at lunchtime during the days of fair visit;
* Free translators.

STONE, Batalha, 2013.

STONE will be held in Batalha for two main reasons. First, Batalha is located in the centre of Portugal, 120 km from Lisbon, facilitating the arrival of visitors who come from the North or South. Second, in this region there is a high concentration of limestone (e.g. MOCA, MOCA CREME – beige limestone of compact), a stone much in demand nowadays. In the area there are a large number of important companies in the sector.

Portugal is a country with great resources regarding natural stone, highlighting three important categories:
* Marble, mainly in the Alentejo region (Vila Viçosa);
* Granite in northern Portugal;
* Limestone in Estremadura coastal region, Central Portugal.

For more information, please contact Tania Alves (Mail)

STONE, Batalha, Portugal, April 22nd to 25th, 2015

STONE, Batalha, 2013.

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