Politek Banyo: Acrylic panels in natural stone look

Politek Banyo: „Decoratif Panel“.

If the surface is not too large, the imitation hardly shows. Turkish company Politek Banyo has brought acrylic panels on the market which can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. These are panels, 120 cm wide (max) in unlimited lengths. They can be used to clad walls or, since the panels are flexible, e.g. pillars.

Politek Banyo Company, situated in the district of Pendik close proximity to Istanbul, is an expert at emulating natural irregularities in the stone’s structure and has even patented the process as well as protected the manufacturing process of the panels world-wide.

The panels are 1,5 mm thick. For special jobs such as cladding doors or cupboards where ultrathin panels are required, 1 mm thickness can also be delivered. The current width is dictated by the production machinery but wider panels are already in preparation.

Politek Banyo: „Decoratif Panel“.

„Decoratif Panel“ is the name of the product which was exhibited in 2015 at the Marble Izmir Trade Fair.

Twelve types of natural stone are currently in the program. „We are constantly working on new types“, says CEO Raif Akbulut. Designs according to individual orders can also be realized.

Depending on the subsurface, normal adhesive can be used. For difficult cases, special glues are available.

Politek Banyo was founded in 1989 and is actually specialized in bathroom systems. During the course of development, the idea was born to work on a low-price alternative to natural stone décor.

Politek Banyo

Photos: Politek

Politek Banyo: „Decoratif Panel“, at the Marble Izmir Trade Fair. Photo: Peter Becker

(25.05.2015, USA: 05.25.2015)