People and Jobs: Ilias Rigopoulos is new CEO of Greek Stone Group International

Ilias Rigopoulos, new CEO of Greek Stone Group International.

Greek company Stone Group International informs: „Ilias Rigopoulos is taking over the CEO position.

He has a track record of strong leadership in the mining sector both in General & Operations Management positions in companies with international presence. He has demonstrated an ability to develop and implement business strategies as well as to achieve the financial goals in terms of annual sales raise and profitability. He shows excellent flexibility in solving organizational problems and the adaptability needed to operate successfully with various cultures in different environments.

Economies of scale, group restructuring, increase of company’s productivity & efficient operational structure, using the existing talent of the employees enhanced by new professionals comprise new CEO’s mainstream policy along with further development of the well-organized network of selected partners and reliable customers.

Stone Group International, within the frame of its International orientation has already developed a strong extroversion strategy in more than 75 countries, as a springboard to further expansion. At the same time, the driver to the next level is the acquisition and management of key- quarry units and the exclusive agreements with quarries in Greece and abroad.

This will ensure raw material availability to its supply chain network. Quarrying, as the last main link in vertical line from the market towards the quarry, will enhance company’s reputation as a global marble supplier in large construction projects.

Ilias Rigopoulos’ Experience:
Broad exposure in several countries and Company sizes:
– CEO at Mermeren Kombinat AD Prilep, (Sivec) FYROM,
– Business Unit Manager at S&B Industrial S.A (Germany, China, Greece)
– Mining Plant Manager at Mykobar Mining Company SA, Milos (Greece)

– MBA-Warwick University, Warwick (United Kingdom)
– PhD in Metallurgy, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Athens (Greece)
– BEng in Mining and Metallurgy NTUA, Athens (Greece)

Ilias Rigopoulos speaks three foreign languages: English, German, Chinese.“

Stone Group International’s quarry of white Pirgon marble is by far the biggest quarry in the European Union. Photos: Stone Group International

Stone Group International based in Thessaloniki in the North of Greece was founded in 1981 by Athanasios Antoniadis and Ioannis Sachanas under the name of „Marmor Kamin S.A.“. The company was initially processing marble and mainly manufacturing fireplaces. First exports started in 1990 to Russia, Cyprus and Belgium. In 2004, Ioannis Antoniadis became president and CEO and focused on a strategic extroversion of the company. He built a global network, now under the name of „Stone Group International“. The company has a portfolio of 300 marbles, granites, travertine and onyx from around the world. Its quarry of Greek white Pirgon marble is by far the biggest quarry in the European Union.

Stone Group International

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