Briefly noted

Italy’s stone branch is cooperating with Afghanistan in the framework of a „technology and know-how-transfer“ according to the Tribuna Economica. The article mentions the start-up of a Competence Center for Technology for stone. The undertaking is sponsored by Italy’s government (Italian).

Designers of the „Clique“ Collection have launched a new item binding marble with modern methods of communication (1, 2).

Memorabilia for the marble region Almeria in Spain can be viewed on the Centro de Interpretación del Mármol’s webpage (Spanish).

Laperla Marmo<em>in</em>.Seven new surfaces have been included in Laperla Marmo’s program. They are named after prominent rivers.

The webpage of report on the cobblestone paving of ancient Roman roads.

Hadrian’s Wall has arranged for visitors to adopt a stone on a virtual online Wall and raise cash for restoration of the heritage site.

The ocean floor of the Mediterranean near Sicily at a depth of 40 m has revealed a huge monolith worked by hand. Presumably the area was dry land during the Stone Age and populated. A change in climate conditions probably forced evacuation.

(21.09.2015, USA: 09.21.2015)