Antolini: „Interpretations“ como um novo conceito de estandes para feiras de design

„Antolini Interpretations 2015“: Leonardo Talarico, booth at ISH Frankfurt.

A renomada empresa italiana encomenda composições de ambientes com rochas ornamentais a 7 designers / a coordenação é de Giulio Cappellini

Com um novo conceito de estande, a empresa italiana Antolini apresenta-se este ano nas principais feiras de decoração e design. Sete designers foram convidados na iniciativa „Antolini Interpretations 2015“ para projetar o estande da empresa em 7 feiras. A coordenação do projeto ficou com o italiano Giulio Cappellini, que também escolheu os participantes.

Três dos projetos já foram mostrados aqui. Agora mostramos os restantes.

A seguir deixamos a palavra com os designers, tal como eles se manifestaram em comunicados de imprensa.


Fotos: Antolini

Leonardo Talarico, ISH Frankfurt

„Ocean: The space is a large box in white stone crossed by outsized waves in marble. The visitor is drawn along a path somewhere between imagination and reality; on one side, emphasis on the wave motion on a grand scale, on the other, mastery of the element itself: a slab of marble suspended in the void enabling it to float on a real pool of water. The blue marble waves, with their different veins and shades, echo the colours of the great oceans of the Earth.” Inside the installation, Bac One bleached ash chairs by Cappellini have been used and, inside the pool, a sheet metal seat designed by Leonardo Talarico. Stones: Floor, walls and trampoline in Bianco Lasa/Coverlano „Fantastico”, waves in Calcite Azul „Extra”, Calcite Caraibica „Extra” and Azul Macaubas, pool and table in Calcite Caraibica „Extra”.

Antonio Facco, ICFF, New York

„Antolini Interpretations 2015“: Antonio Facco, booth at ICFF, New York.

„Labyrinth: The change of finish, the monolithic verticality of the labyrinth and the final arrival in a defined, habitable space are some of the aspects of a journey beyond the limit. Indeed, the labyrinth, although enclosed in restricted space, is a universal emblem of the search for the infinite that will stimulate us to understand the potential of an incredibly valuable material like natural stone.” Inside the installation, Jasper Morrison’s BAC Chairs were used. Stones: floor and walls in Corteccia (honed finish), columns in Irish Green (honed finish), table with Irish Green and Corteccia inlays (honed finish).


mist-o, 100%Design, London

„Antolini Interpretations 2015“: mist-o, booth at 100%Design, London.

„Sekitei”: Recreating the atmosphere of traditional Japanese gardens, Sekitei celebrates the enigmatic beauty of natural stone and its way of being an object of aesthetic contemplation. This is a space that embodies the values of „wabi-sabi” linked to the concept of essentiality, intimacy and simplicity in order to re-establish a strong bond with the natural element. The setting is made up of two parts: a covered porch that enables the whole garden to be observed, and the garden itself, an open, empty space where the material is emphasised in all its expressive power. A secret garden is thereby created that must be entered in order to enjoy an experience of pleasure and reflection, a moment of total immersion and genuine contact with a material, natural stone, that evokes the primeval forces of nature and that, simply by observing, makes us participants in its mysterious beauty. Stones: Bianco Lasa/Covelano „Vena Oro”, Fusion Wow „Multicolor”.


Lanzavecchia + Wai, Salone del Mobile, Milan

„Antolini Interpretations 2015“: „Antolini Interpretations 2015“: Lanzavecchia + Wai, Salone del Mobile, Milan. Foto: Peter Becker

„Agorà”: The setting designed by Lanzavecchia+Wai was inspired by amphitheatres and the Agorà, the heart of the financial, civil and cultural life of the Greek Polis and conceived as a space for sharing. The marble stairs are a key element in the entire space and tell „the story of an interior as a work of architecture”, dividing the whole area into a little interior garden, a meeting hall and an open amphitheatre; spaces that offer a marble stage for Antolini’s communications activities. Stones: floor: Bianco Lasa/Covelano „Vena Oro”, leather finish; front wall: BiancoLasa/Covelano „Vena Oro”, lucid finish; columns: Irish Green, lucid finish; vases: Sequoia Brown,leather finish; tables: Bronze Amani, honed finish.

Leonardo Talarico.Antonio Facco.Francesca Lanzavecchia and Hunn Wai.

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