Design Day at the World Stone Congress in Xiamen (2): „Stone Products and How to Develop Them“

World Stone Congress 2015, Design Day.

On March 07, 2016 at 2 p.m. will start the afternoon session about product design with marble, granite et cetera

Update: complete program of the World Stone Congress 2016

The World Stone Congress (WSC) will again take place during the Xiamen Stone Fair (March 06 – 09, 2016) in the Congress Center on the fairground. During 3 days, international experts will give lectures about crucial topics of the stone branch, technical issues and latest trends.

The second day of the Congress is called „Design Day“ and is organized in cooperation between the Xiamen Fair and

Starting at 2 p.m., the afternoon session will have four lectures showing some of the most interesting examples for product design with stone. The title of the event is „Stone Products and How to Develop Them“ (see details below).

At 10 a.m. on, in the morning session, four lecturers speak about architecture with natural stone (please find details here).

Xiamen Stone Fair

The speakers of the afternoon session about architecture and interior design (March 07, 2016, 2 p.m.) and their topics are:

Francesco Grassi: Italian tradition and experience by Grassi Pietre, Srl and Laboratorio del Marmo.

Francesco Grassi, CEO and Art Director, Grassi Pietre, Srl and Laboratorio del Marmo, Italy:

„Extraordinary product design to suit the client“

Since 1973 Laboratorio del Marmo (LDM) produces furniture and complements for interiors and gardens, using the Italian Vicenza limestone. The company’s philosophy is to transfer artistic strength into objects for everyday life. Its designers combine Italian tradition and experience with the specific demand of our up-to-date lifestyles.

LDM produces unique pieces, real artworks, with elegant design, so each product can be customized from the choice of the block (stone or marble), from natural wood to glass, to the choice of your color for steel accessories.

Three collections are continuously expanded with new objects: one has classical sculptures as orientation, another one follows contemporary sculptures and one develops decoration items for the garden.

Grassi Pietre, Srl, Laboratorio del Marmo, Artena Design

Nikhil Shah, Niksang Arts: Mural in stone.

Nikhil Shah, owner and founder of Niksang Arts, India:

„Murals and products for everyday use in Indian Slate and Sandstone”

The works of Niksang Arts are driven by passion and creativity and are realized with experience and knowledge. The company based in Salem, Tamil Nadu in India has a focus on decorative products in natural stone: its well-known murals bring motifs from Indian culture into modern design. The company with meanwhile 20 employees is also involved in product design: objects like clocks or a wide range of utilities have found their markets in the past years.

Nikhil Shah will give an inside look into the profile of the company and also discuss how slate or sandstone with its colors and veins can enhance the beauty of a design idea.

Niksang Arts (1, 2)

Suzan Zanbak, Akdo: „Curve” from the Lace-Collection (right).

Suzan Zanbak, Procurement Director of Akdo, Turkey:

„Vertical Integration: From Raw Material to Trend Setting Products”

Akdo products have been fulfilling the needs of the architectural and design communities for over 25 years. The company’s vertical integration provides problem solving for raw material sourcing, processing for massive cut-to-size slab and tile projects, supply for distributors across the globe, and enrichment for the design world through development of original trendsetting designs.

The main steps from an idea to the final design product are:
• Trend Analysis
• Theme and Design Conception
• Research & Development (R&D)
• Market Research
• Merchandising Plan Development
• Launch

How to preview the taste of the customer? Through market research with trusted contacts in the field, as well as a „hunch” developed from exposure to the interior design and architecture industries.

Akdo (1, 2)

Quanzhou Topmax Stone at the Xiamen Fair, 2015.

N.N., Quanzhou Topmax Stone

„Taste the beauty of stone, Bloom the beauty of stone”

„Taste the beauty of stone” is the motto of Quanzhou Topmax Stone. The company located in the Chinese province of Fujian (close to Xiamen) has outstanding inlay works as one of its specialties. By waterjet machines of the latest generation, the craftsmen cut the pieces out of various stones and assemble them to artistic works of outstanding beauty.

Some of the pieces show scenes from nature or floral arrangements. Topmax is also famous for a large variety of stone medallions.

Quanzhou Topmax Stone