Fairs: „Yes, we have marble“

(April 2008) „Yes, we have marble“. This was the caption of the article on the Vitória fair in February 2008, written by the observer of the Brazilian federal stone association Abirochas . What at first may seem to be a statement of the obvious since Brazil is a long-standing producer of marble slabs and tiles, gains clarity in light of the hit melody „Yes, we have bananas“, famous in the 1930’s. New marble could soon become as popular a product as bananas once were for Brazil, not only for export, but locally as well.

Brazil’s quarzites are coming out big too, combining the beauty and elegance of marble with the durability of granite. Their unique crystal structure also makes them translucent as onyx and alabaster.

For more information and the trade association’s assessment of the fair as well as a prognosis of the market-development, see Abirochas Informe 4/2008 (pdf, Portuguese)