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Search for Earth-like planets in other solar systems, so-called exoplanets, can now be observed via internet. The Pale Red Dot Project regularly reports on discoveries re.: the next sun, Proxima Centauri, a mere 4.2 light-years away. Indicators are slight wavers in the orbit of a star or a small shadow when the planet journeys in front of its sun. Exoplanets are prime candidates for extraterrestrial life forms. Unfortunately a spaceship would need several tens of thousands of years to complete the one-way trip.

Extra thin layers of slate serve as material for the fabrication of eyewear by Rolf Spectacles Manufacture.

The French region of Bourgogne was the meeting venue of representatives of the natural stone and wood trade organizations, Pierre de Bourgogne and Aprovalbois, to gain better understanding of one another’s natural indigenous material, reports Pierre Actual.

„Reinventer Paris“ (reinventing Paris) is the name of a competition taking place at 23 venues in the French capital, the winners of which were recently announced. They must now discuss their project and realization with potential investors.

London-based Mossessian Architecture Bureau has been commissioned together with Paris-based Studio Adeline Rispal to build the Mekka museum of worship.

Disegnoluce.Suspended lamps like erratic boulders by Disegnoluce.

Italian Ceramic manufacturing company Fap Ceramice makes use of new media: on a bi-weekly basis drawings by Barbara Petris are published, which visualize the properties of ceramics, such as well-being, durability, sustainability (1, 2).

IMM Carrara has taken up contact to the Vietnamese stone branch.

Video of the month: the Basilica Sagrada Familia of Barcelona is scheduled for completion by 2026. Erection of the sixth and final tower represents Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and the four Evangelists (1, 2, 3).

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