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Bedrock formations erode in time, as is a well-known fact. Not common knowledge but now proven by a group of scientists as reported in Nature Geoscience: chemical weathering in active mountain belts is controlled by stochastic bedrock landslides as precipitation cannot run off scree as quickly as it would run off solid slopes (Nature Geoscience, advance online publication, 30.11.2015, Doi: 10.1038/NEO2600).

A sleeping Buddha some 18 m long and made of gilt and brightly colored natural stone can be seen on the island of West Java.

The famous Portuguese cobblestone (Calçada Portuguesa) is being copied in synthetic elements.

Citizens of Great Britain are not religious as a rule. Nevertheless church buildings are very important to them according to a survey.

 „Cinema“. Rendering: Yuri Moulin Zampirolli„Cinema“ is the title which Yuri Moulin Zampirolli gave his draft of a marble bathtub – part of his current collection. The dark and light stripes are reminiscent of reels of film. The designer, born in São Paulo, and raised in family with a natural stone background, now works in London.

Bone Solid is a Dutch company specializing in Corian and Hi-Macs engineered stone. Characteristic of their work: the stone can be curved.

Vaguely reminiscent of pebbles: Chinese company produces power cells for mobile phones.

Video of the month: canyons what with their steep gorges are among the most fascinating natural formations. China’s Longgang National Geological Park now opened a glass skywalk longer than the one over the Grand Canyon in the U.S.A. (Video, 1).

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