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The Indoor-Trade-Fair for Marble Blocks in the Turkish city of Bursa counted 14,728 visitors and 148 exhibitors in its 40,000 m², 7-hall, exhibit area. Some 870 blocks were presented. A representative told the trade magazine Marble Trend that the Fair would attract 50% of Turkish exports in raw blocks over the next 3 – 4 years and make a turn-over of one billion US-$. The next Fair will take place from November 2nd to 5th 2016.

Latest news: „This war on culture is not over, it’s being steadily increasing“ is said in a video about the destruction of monuments like ancient Palmyra or the Old Bridge in Mostar. An explanation is given: those who do such barbaric acts intentionally are trying to destroy to memories that once there was civilization among men.

With the help of a trompe-l’oeil three-dimensional façade Korean architects of Daewha Kang Design pepped-up a boring office building.

Nanoglass is the name of a new brand of engineered stone.

Tumbled Natural Stone is processed in large drums. How to make a miniature hand-driven tumbler is described on a webpage. Friendly warning: several days of tumbling are required to obtain the desired result.

Greek Ajax Company produces marble stone meal also available in brilliant white. The company also has multi-colored pebbles for outdoor use (1, 2).

Handy-craft Ideas using Pebbles can be viewed on Pinterest.

Video of the Month: „Framed“ is the title artist Stuart Haygart gave his picture-frame installation on a marble stairwell in London’s Victoria & Albert Museum in 2010 (Video, 1).

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