Latest news: Auction of stone sculpture in support of Save the Children’s Syria Aid programme

Matthew Simmonds: Colonnade IV: Palmyra, Limestone, 24 cm height.

British sculptor Matthew Simmonds donates his work influenced by the colonnade around the Temple of Bel, Palmyra / Bidding closes on May 7th, 2016

Update: the winning bid come from the UAE and brought 8,100 €.

Matthew Simmonds has sent us the following mail (edited by

„I am auctioning the above sculpture with all proceeds going to Save the Children’s Syrian aid programme. The person who puts in the highest bid will donate the agreed sum directly to the aid agency and will receive the sculpture.

My sculpture is influenced by the colonnade around the Temple of Bel enclosure in Palmyra. I visited Palmyra in 2001 and it left an overwhelming impression on me, as did the hospitality and openness of the people of Syria.

The extreme violence that has characterized the Syrian conflict has created one of the most serious humanitarian and displacement crises in recent history.

The estimated number of people in need of humanitarian assistance has now reached 13.5 million, including 6 million children, with 5.3 million people in need of shelter, 8.7 million people unable to meet their basic food needs and 70% of people lacking access to safe drinking water.

As I am not set up for an online auction, please simply email me your bid (Mail). Please note: all bids should be offered in Euros. As I can only update on a daily basis, if there are two identical bids then the first one received will be valid.

I will update the webpage to show the current highest bid as many times as I can each day until bidding closes on 7th May.“

Save the Children is providing emergency and longer-term support inside Syria to children and their families affected by the war. Its support includes the provision of food parcels and access to clean water and other essential services, including child protection activities, healthcare and education.

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