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Sky burials are a traditional final resting place in Tibet and Mongolia, where remains are left to birds of prey and vultures which are thought to carry the souls of the dead skyward. The Beijing Global Times, official Government print channel, reports that Tibet will invest some 75 million US-$ during the next 5 years for restoration of these sacred sites and ceremonies. Mortuaries and bereavement areas are in planning.

Sparkling diamonds imbedded in ordinary pebbles are the latest craze on the jewelry market (1, 2).

Land Art is always good for new ideas in stone.

Dispelling Myths About Natural Stone is a topic on many webpages.

Fifteen outstanding tile and stone projects were recognized as part of the annual Coverings Installation & Design (CID) Awards.

Hanging Stones, impressively suspended can be viewed on a webpage.

Dekton „Trilium“. Photo: Cosentino.Red Dot Award: Engineered Stone Dekton XGloss was awarded a prize in the category product design. Producer is the Spanish-based Cosentino Company. The material bears a high gloss. The producer describes the product as extremely dense, free of pores or microscopic flaws thus avoiding material strain even after prolonged exposure. The photo shows Dekton’s new type called „Trilium“.

Planters made of pebbles are produced and sold by US-American-based Company.

Cascadilla Gorge Trail, N.Y.: The new concrete sections will be clad with the jagged natural stone that has been there for hundreds of years, Ithacajournal reports.

The courses about Drystone Walling held by the Fédération Française des Professionels de la Pierre Sèche (FFPPS) are listed on a webpage (French).

France’s Ateliers d’art, the umbrella organization for art workshops, has completed a study on the situation in restoration shops (French).

Video of the month: a monolith of unusual proportions has been discovered in Bosnia fanning the fire of speculation on ancient civilizations (Video, 1).

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