Briefly noted

Spring 2016-issue of Building Stone Magazine can be downloaded free of charge. This is the US-Building Stone Institutes (BSI) official Trade Magazine which has recently merged with the Marble Institute of America (MIA) for the time being.

The current issue of MIA/BSI-Newsletter is online. In it, read how the Creative Edge One Company was chosen by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to reclaim flooring mosaic by the famous US-architect.

Pebblemosaic by various artists can be viewed on a webpage.

Fascinating bridges and arches in sandstone were crafted by wind and water in the USA.

Few well-known ruins of ancient times have been compiled by the Guardian on a webpage. Most are made of stone as a building material.

„Marble Design“ is the name of a Blog in Polish language by Magda Rocławska from company Rosita. A translation tool is integrated in the webpage (1, 2).

Watkins Glen State Park, NY has a cavernous trail leading hikers through a 400-foot-deep gorge (1, 2).

Intent on maintaining a marble industry, the Afghan government buys stone from firms who in turn pay fees and taxes to Taliban, the Guardian reports.

Video of the Month: The northern hemisphere is once again experiencing quality time for defunct quarries: deep-sea-diving and cliff-jumping are all the craze (1, 2).

(18.06.2016, USA: 06.18.2016)