Domestically quarried marbles from Arizona Marble Company, USA

Arizona Marble: Apache Blue.Arizona Marble: Arizona Statuario.Arizona Marble: Arizona Ash.

Name: Apache Blue, Arizona Statuario and Arizona Ash

Type of stone: marble

Color: blue, white, grey,

Quarry: Chiricahua Mountains in Cochise County, Southeast Arizona, USA

Peculiarities: 99.9% calcium carbonate. Absorption is nearly null at .10% and its compressive strength impeccable at 14,000 Psi. No weakness is present at the veins which is very rare among other marbles similar in pattern.

Story: The marble deposit is expansive, covering over 320 acres. The quarry was established in 1908 and thrived for years before eventually ceasing in 1937. In 2002, the quarry was purchased by the Klump family who had a vision to bring this highly prized material back into the market. In 2013, modern quarrying techniques were established and new ground has been broken.

Usage: inside, outside

Surfaces: various

Technical data

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