„Marmomacc and the City“ once more part of the Trade Fair’s supporting program

As in years past, the Verona Trade Fair was, once again, a stage for creativity in the stone branch particularly for Italian companies

One of the numerous facets of Marmomacc’s supporting program is „Marmomacc and the City“, in which exhibitors present works in natural stone at venues all over the city. This fifth edition of the presentation under the auspices of curator Laura de Stefano took place in cooperation with Veronafiere, Verona City Council and the Order of Architects P.P.C of the Province of Verona.

Other points of interest in the supporting program were:

Best Communicator Award / Masters of Stone
Marmomacc Academy
International Stone Summit
Ristorante d’Autore
Veneto Region B2B Workshop
Award Le Donne del Marmo: Eva Sørensen

Special events by companies and individuals were:

Nicolai Diamant Company hired a group of artists by the name of Orticanoodles to design the 28 m² wall surface of their exhibit area. Their motto was „Michelangelo’s David Meets the Statue of Liberty“ on occasion of the presentation of their new diamond-tipped tool by the name of „Giotto“ in honor of the famous Italian Proto-Renaissance Artist Giotto di Bondone. Nicolai Diamant, Video

Pietre Santafiora organized a cooking event in cooperation with Carlo Cracco revolving around the central theme of a Safranrisottos. The event convincingly demonstrated how close natural stone and creative work in the kitchen are when it comes to good taste. Pietre Santafiora

„Stadtsilhouette“, architect Max Dudler and Simone Boldrin (1, 2).

Intermac producer of machines, applied millimeter-thin plates of granite on a classic Harley Davidson 883 and on electric guitars. Intermac

Scuola del marmo di Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella.

Over dimensional Lego Blocks, 18x the real life size, were shown by Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella School of Marble. Italian Marble in powerful colors was implemented.

Natural stone urban furniture was developed by Chieti-Pescara and realized by CNC-Company Helios Automazioni in cooperation with 4 teams of architects G. d’Annunzio-University. Helios Automazioni

Marmomacc 2017, September 27 – 30

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