Marble PELAGONIA from Stone Group International (SGI), Greece

Stone Group International: Pelagonia.

Name: Pelagonia and Pelagonia (On the Rocks),

Type of stone: marble (main mineral calcite)

Color: beige

Quarry: Albania

Peculiarities: Due to its neutral color, Pelagonia is very easy to match with other materials. It is a fine grain material without veins and pattern so it is very easy to cut, process and apply this material in any installation.

Stone Group International: Pelagonia (On the Rocks).

Beautiful shells and soft shadows give the Pelagonia (On the Rocks) its own character.

The story: Pelagonia marble belongs to SGI’s 12 Mythic Marbles Selection which revives the history and the myths of the region where a stone comes from: In the the plain of Pelagonia in Northern Greece, Hephaestos was one of the main gods. He was the Greek god of fire, blacksmiths, craftsmen, sculptors and volcanoes. In his workshop 3 cyclops assisted him. The Romans, when speaking of the Greek Hephaestus, called him Vulcanus.

Usage: inside, outside. Pelagonia’s use is limitless, also in heavy usage areas like public places, commercial and institutional projects, exterior flooring and wall cladding, decorative elements, columns, bathrooms and as monuments.

Surfaces: various, among them polished, honed, brushed, sandblasted

Technical data

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Stone Group International: Pelagonia.Stone Group International: Pelagonia.