Ultimate sensual perception: natural stone flacons with added value of art

I Profumi del Marmo.

I Profumi del Marmo (the fragrance of marble) something for eyes and nose incorporated into the caps of receptacles

Natural stone is a material for the senses, most of all for the eyes because of its clarity and beauty. To give marble access to the olfactory world has been the aim of a Carrara-Region work-group for some time now. Some 3 years ago, the fragrances Statuario, Arabescato, and Calacatta were brought to market by fragrance designers. Their flacons are sealed with caps made of the famous marbles.

Originally the products were expected to be propagated on the webpage of craftsmen from Tuscany. We had reported.

In the interim the project dubbed „I Profumi del Marmo“ (the fragrance of marble) has gone a step further: It has its own webpage as well as a sales team. A number of trade fair-presentations have also been absolved, most recently Marmomacc.

I Profumi del Marmo.

Along with the previously mentioned fragrances Statuario, Arabescato and Calacatta, two more fragrances have been taken on, namely Bianco Carrara and Portoro, the last of which is presented in black marble with gold veins.

The work group has also developed a concept to bring the fragrances indoors: white pebbles imbibed with the perfume or wooden wicks inserted into the flacon spread the fragrance like an aerosol.

I Profumi del Marmo.

But merely propagating fragrance from the bottle seemed profane, so Profumi del Marmo presented art to accompany the flacons at Marmomacc: 14 artists had designed caps for the flacons which were decorative in their own right but also provided space to insert the wooded wicks.

To keep the products exclusive, the objects are produced in strictly limited editions of 8 for each motif. In a set complete with 1 l of the perfume, each bottle costs from 20,000.00 to 40,000.00 €.

This is pure luxury, of course. After all, marble is often called „White Gold“.

I Profumi del Marmo

Photos: I Profumi del Marmo / Peter Becker

I Profumi del Marmo.I Profumi del Marmo.I Profumi del Marmo.I Profumi del Marmo.I Profumi del Marmo.I Profumi del Marmo.

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