Marble MIRAGE from Levantina, Spain

Levantina: marble „Mirage”.

Name: Mirage

Type of stone: marble

Main color: dark grey

Peculiarities: fire- and heat-resistant, easy care and maintenance, low water absorption coefficient

Inspiration: The Dark grey Mirage marble covered in black branched veins seems to reflect on its surface a night forest, where the tree branches speak of old legends and unfathomable mysteries. Its surface shows a dark grey background with a delicate graded hue, scored with infinite veins of intense black. Outlined and thin, the veins generate a subtle tangle creating an attractive sensation of depth. The age of the material is approximately 415 million years (Early Devonian).

Levantina: marble „Mirage”.

Usage: interior flooring, interior cladding, stairs, bathroom countertops

Surfaces: polished (other finishes available on demand)

Technical data

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