World Stone Congress (WSC) in Xiamen during the Stone Fair (March 06-09, 2017)

„Selling Stone with Emotions“ and „Stone Design Forum” on the second day / A wide range of lectures about the newest trends and most relevant topics for the stone sector

The program of the World Stone Congress (WSC) during the Stone Fair in Xiamen (March 06-09, 2017) has been released. From March 06 until March 8 international speakers will report about the newest trends and most relevant topics for the stone sector. We just name a few below.

World Stone Congress

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Xiamen Stone Fair, March 06-09, 2017

E.g.: In the educational sessions on March 06, experts from „MIA+BSI: The Natural Stone Institute“ will speak about topics like „Doing Business in the US: Dimensional Tolerances“ or „Commercial Installation“.

On March 08, also in the educational sessions, Filippo Gobing from Italian company Desamanera has „3D-Printing with stone powder“ as topic. One aspect of his lecture will be the chances which this new technology offers for using slurry from stone processing.

March 07, 2016, 10.00 – 12.00, Seaview Hall
Selling Stone with Emotions“ (organized by and Xiamen Stone fair in cooperation):

Professor Gerd Merke, General secretary of Euroroc.Artificial Stone Catches Up on Natural Stone. How
Do We React?

Professor Gerd Merke, General secretary of Euroroc
The first editions of artificial stone were just ridiculous. To balance these disadvantages, the names of natural stone were copied which continues to cause confusion for consumers on the market.
But in the meantime artificial stone has considerably improved. The quality is sometimes superb, and only experts can see the difference.
How can the natural stone people react?
To buy the real thing is a good argument, but if one cannot see it?
Emotions and facts – Merke will give ideas and answers to think of. He’ll develop marketing strategies for the years to come.
Eurooc is the umbrella organization of the Europe’s national stone organizations.
Magda Konstantinidou, Stone Group International, Greece.Imagine the Marble Would Talk to Us – What Would It Say?
Magda Konstantinidou, Stone Group International, Greece
Stone Group International’s „12 Mythic Marbles“ marketing concept was a success: Ancient fairy tales from a Greek region were used to promote stone from that region. For every quarry was told the story of an ancient hero who once lived where now the stone comes from.
As these myths are well-know all over the world, the client feels familiar with the stone and the story.
„A piece of Greece” is the leitmotif of the marketing concept.
In the lecture, Magda’s emotional approach is to imagine that the marble would talk to us – this is what it would say: „You took me from the Earth. Respect me. Treat me well. Make something good out of me.”
Magda will also speak about the company’s latest marketing idea: in case of „Pirgon” marble, the stone is linked to water-phenomena like mist or river streams, as water is indispensable to the creation of marble deposits.
In the case of „Venus Vox” marble, the stone is brought in connection to „Vox”, which is the voice any material is carrying inside, reflecting also the outer sound of the earth.
Magda Konstantinidou works in the Marketing & Communication Department of Stone Group International (SGI), Greece.
Allyson Humphries, MS International.Wine & Stone – A Connection that’s Natural
Allyson Humphries, MS International
What do you get when you combine an educational session about the wonders of natural stone with a wine tasting? Simply a great opportunity to draw architects, designers, contractors and even consumers to your place of business for what we call „Wine & Stone – A Connection that’s Natural“.
Parlay tasting of wine with education about wine, coupled with discussion about stone types and colors, and you have the makings of an interesting, and fun program you can repeat with new audiences all year long.
The MIA+BSI’s Women In Stone has developed the „Wine & Stone CEU“ to showcase the characteristics of natural stone and the nuances of some of your favorite wines.
Allyson Humphries is a Sales Director with MS International & Vice Chair of the Women In Stone initiative powered by the „MIA+BSI: The Natural Stone Institute”. She is an accomplished and passionate sales and marketing executive with 15+ years of experience in brand development, marketing, selling and managing in the natural stone and tile industry.
Proven ability to advance concepts and stone product lines from design inception to delivery. Consistently recognized for entrepreneurial approach to business and delivering outstanding results and profitability.
Prior to her tenure at MSI, she was Branch Manager at Walker Zanger Dallas where she increased branch revenue by 30.3% and increased sales per employee by 28.5%.
Humphries began her career in natural stone at her father’s niche limestone quarry in Miami, Florida where she worked her way up from receptionist to Senior Director of Architectural Sales & Marketing with a personal book of business of $2 million and company revenue of $6 million.
She credits the MIA+BSI’s CEU program for giving her the tools she needed to reach the architects and designers in both markets. Humphries resides in Dallas, Texas with her son Thomas and husband Phillip.


March 07, 2016, 14.00 – 16.00, Seaview Hall
Stone Design Forum“ (organized by and Xiamen Stone fair in cooperation):

Gökhan Karakuş, Emedya Design, Istanbul, Turkey.„Hyperarchaic Tectonics: Tiling in stone as method for contemporary design and architecture”
Gökhan Karakuş, Emedya Design, Istanbul, Turkey
The presentation will focus on design strategies behind a series of marble mosaic designs produced by Istanbul studio Emedya Design led by Gökhan Karakuş with the partnership of stone company AKDO. This series of mosaics in stone were based on the notion of bringing together ancient systems of mathematics based architecture with the current capabilities of computer based design and digital fabrication in stone.
In his talk, Gökhan Karakuş will discuss how computational design rejuvenates an ancient art of stone mosaics through the application of advanced mathematics and digital fabrication methods. The Hyperarchaic Tectonics series of marble mosaic murals and sculpture designed by Emedya Design present new expressive, structural and rational opportunities in the generation of form and space for architecture in stone.
Gökhan Karakuş seeks to open a discourse on ancient systems of design and digitally fabricated modules for structural and tectonic application of marble and stone. Could three-dimensional organizations such as aperiodic tiling open new expressive, but structural and rational opportunities in design and architecture in stone? Could the power of real time, interactive digital tools and digital fabrication methods, reintroduce a sort of „craftsmanship” in design with stone and tiling as the basis?
Moreno Ratti.Design as a way to upgrade and use stone „waste“
Moreno Ratti, Designer from Carrara, Italy
Being a designer from the Carrara region in Italy, Moreno Ratti knows well the problems with waste from stone production. In the collection „40×40“ he developed a new use for stone-tile-discard in pieces of that size (together with Paolo Ulian).
In his lecture, he will show many more ideas for reusing so called „waste“ from a material which indeed has a very high value.
One of his latest projects was a workshop in design with Hualin Marble he held for the Stone and Resource Industry R&D Center in Taiwan. „It was a Great experience! Great People, Great Manufacturer and Great Material“, he reports.
Moreno was born in Carrara in 1982. He studied Architecture. Since 2013 he devoted himself to design, with his specialization in the context of the marble.
Peter Becker, editor-in-chief of design with stone: ideas for household items made of marble, granite etc
Peter Becker, editor-in-chief of, the international online-magazine for the stone sector
All over the world, product designers start discovering natural stone as an interesting material. Peter Becker will give an overlook of 2016’s new entries on the market.
As a matter of fact, marble, granite & Co offer a lot of opportunities for designers to turn the material into products for everyday usage. But: stone is not an easy material.
More than just showing beautiful objects, Peter will analyze the principles of a successful product design with stone.
It means: creatives have to respect what the material can (and what it cannot!) and design items which can be sold on the market for reasonable prizes.
Unfortunately, still many examples of the so called stone-design today are not really design – they are: art or, in many cases: just nonsense.
Zhu Liang, Senior Brand Marketing Expert.Innovate & Practice beyond Aesthetics – Stone Brand Upgrading
Zhu Liang, Senior Brand Marketing Expert
Viewpoint: the planning idea of „newborn for old Industry“:
1. From the product, drawing cross-field inspiration and launching original designs together with cross-field designers, to break stereotyped product boundaries of the market.
2. From the marketing model, enthroning F2C system, narrowing the spread of the brand, compressing market cost, breaking through with a mall but excellent image.
3. From the industry innovation, advocating the fine division of industry, separating factory from brand, establishing a learning organization for the whole industry.
Lecture case – foreign marble / ceramic tile brand:
1. International Perspective
2. Domestic exploration
domestic – Artmore
domestic – Lapure
domestic – Yingliang five warehouse – stone Museum + Pan home model
Suggestions on the construction of the whole industry and brand for the stone industry.
Cooperative planning:
1. Launching a new marble Pan home brand.
2. Recruiting brand cooperation.
Zhu Liang, born in 1982, is a senior brand marketing expert and the leader of bringing an „update“ for the old stone industry. She has served for many international first-class enterprises as senior manager and brand consultant, such as the Lenovo Group, Accor Holding Group, Zhizun Group etc., accumulating rich experience about business management and cross-filed brand building. Based on the profound understanding and innovation of the brand and a deep insight on the building materials industry, she combed the brand system for the Accor Holding Group together with the international 4A company ¬- Dentsu Group in 2014; in the next year, she created a new marble furniture brand named Lapure with the Chairman of the Zhizun Group. In all, she has made outstanding contributions to helping the stone Industry across from „old” to „new” by her forward-looking vision of the brand breaking the boundaries of homogeneous product and brand new marketing model. (pebe)

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