Limestone ALBAMIEL by Areniscas Rosal – a companion through Spain’s history

Areniscas Rosal: Albamiel limestone.

Name: Albamiel

Type of stone: limestone

Quarry: Rosales, Hellín, Spain.

Peculiarities: cream color and thin pore, both very uniform, with marine fossils, in vein cut or cross cut version. Ideal for all types of works: residential or commercial buildings, open spaces, houses etc.

History: Please find under the „See also“-link below a report about how the Albamiel limestone was a a companion through Spain’s history.

Usage: used especially for facade cladding in its honed or rough finish, as well as for exterior pavement in its brushed finish for an authentic mediterránean style.

Surfaces: rough is the most used, but possible is also honed or brushed finish, getting a slightly modified texture according to its use.

Technical data

Areniscas Rosal S.A,
Carretera de Granada, km 73,
30400 Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia, Spain
Tel: +34 618 65 00 77

Areniscas Rosal: Albamiel limestone, cross cut, honed.Areniscas Rosal: Albamiel limestone, vein cut, brushed.Areniscas Rosal: Albamiel limestone.Areniscas Rosal: Albamiel limestone.Areniscas Rosal: Albamiel limestone.Areniscas Rosal: Albamiel limestone.

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