Granite KALGUVAARA from Karelia, Russia

Granite Kulguvaara from Karelia, Russia.

Name: Kalguvaara

Type of stone: granite

Peculiarities: Granite Kalguvaara is the strongest natural stone with uneven granular texture. It has distinctive rose-red pattern with black disseminations.

Quarry: Kalguvaara, Karelia, Russia

Usage: Construction works, curbs, cladding, flagstone, tiles

Technical data:
Volume weight 2650 kg/m3
Water absorption 0,23 %
Ultimate compression strength 148 МPа
Porosity 1,64 %
Frost resistance, cycles: 50

Contact: Karelskiye Masterskiye, ООО,
Tel.: +7 911 400 5367

Source: courtesy of Stone Industry fair, Moscow