Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair (FBSF): „luxury, richness and shine“ with Ceará’s unique granites and quartzites

„Ametiste“, crystal quartz by Nova Aurora Company.

The international event will be held in the state’s capital from April 18 to 20, 2018

The 4th edition of Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair (FBSF) will take place from April 18-20, 2018. The venue of this young but ambitious meeting of stone producers and traders is the modern fairground in the capital of Brazil’s state of Ceará, once the poorhouse of the nation but since some 10 years developing strongly. One aspect of the economical growth is the state’s resources of natural stone, many of them so-called exotic granites with strong colors and structures. The state is also rich in quartzites, at the moment one of the most requested stones worldwide.

We show some examples of stones unique to Ceará.

Although still far behind Brazil’s leading stone region in the state of Espírito Santo (ES), Ceará meanwhile has established itself as a new stone center in the country. In 2016, it exported stones with a value of US-$ 26.122 million, compared to US-$ 19.633 million in the year before. For 2017 the state’s stone association Simagran-CE expects a growth by 15%.

Logo of Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair 2018.

The aim of the Fair is to keep processing and trade of the local resources within Ceará. In the past, stones with a value of US-$ 200 million annually were transported to Espírito Santo some 2700 km further South to be processed there and then shipped internationally.

„Azure“, super exotic granite by Vulcano Export company.

Since some years, things have been shifting towards Ceará: about 40 companies with headquarters in Espírito Santo are now quarrying stone in the state not too far from the Equator. The state of Ceará has done strong investments to start processing: one important aspect is the harbor of Pecém with excellent connections in moderate distance to the US and Europe or other markets towards the Eastern hemisphere, another is the Free Trade Zone (ZPE) at the port:
* Imarf company, since 38 years active in Ceará’s stone business, is planning to invest US-$ 18 million in a processing plant in the Free Trade Zone;
* Thor Granitos from Espírito Santo is completing industrial facilities in the interior of Ceará;
* Gramazini company from Espírito Santo has purchased two quarries in Ceará where it produces the famous quartzites Nacarado and Madrepérola (see photos below).

„Roma Mapa-Mundi“, super exotic granite by Vulcano Export company.

This year, Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair is planning several activities to attract new visitors. We will soon report about them in detail. Organizer of the fair is the state’s stone association Simagran-Ce.

At the moment, the positive development of Brazil’s economy will help to attract exhibitors. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) writes in its „World Economic Outlook“ (October 2017): „After entering positive territory in the first half of 2017, growth in Brazil is expected to reach 0.7% for the year and 1.5% in 2018.“

„Roma Imperiali“, super exotic granite by Vulcano Export company.„Roma Imperiali“, super exotic granite by Vulcano Export company.

Yet, at the moment, growth is based mainly on private consumption. That is positive for the stone sector, but a sustainable growth also needs investment, according to IMF. Yet at the moment, due to „political and policy uncertainty“ companies are still holding themselves back. But on the medium term, a growth of 2% is possible.

„Blue turtle“, super exotic granite by Vulcano Export company.

This is a promising number in a country with a population of nearly 210 million people being not less consumerists than US-Americans.

The fair will have „luxury, richness and shine“ (o luxo, a riqueza e o brilho) as a special topic.

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Photos: companies

„Nacarado“, quartzite by Gramazini company.„Nacarado“, quartzite by Gramazini company.„Madrepérola“, quartzite by Gramazini company.„Madrepérola“, quartzite by Gramazini company (closeup view).