China Xiamen International Stone Fair, March 06 – 09, 2018

Logo Xiamen Stone Fair.

Name: The 18th China Xiamen International Stone Fair

Calender: March 06 – 09, 2018

Issue: 18th

Address: Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center (XICEC), Xiamen, China

Webpage: http://www.stonefair.org.cn
Phone: +86 592 5959 616

Event: World Stone Congress (WSC):

World Stone Congress 2017: The photo shows the main hall during the morning session on the first day.The World Stone Congress (WSC) had been held for the first time in 2011. Since then around 5000 attendees benefited from it. The photo shows the main hall during the morning session on the first day.

Logo „Stone Infinite - Product Design Show“„Stone Infinite – Product Design Show“: For the first time, Xiamen Stone Fair will have an exhibition of innovative stone ideas on its fairground. Designers and companies from around the world will show groundbreaking ideas and products made with natural stone.

„Launch Out @XSF - Global New Products Release“„Launch Out @XSF – Global New Products Release“ is a special section during the World Stone Congress where experts give lectures about new products from and for the natural stone industry.

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Data visitors/exhibitors of Xiamen Stone Fair 2018 (expected):
No. of Exhibitors (excepted) over 2,000
No. of Visitors (excepted) over 150,000

Visiting delegations from (2017): Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, USA, Australia, France, Iran, Oman, Jordan, UAE, Thailand, Combodia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc. More than 30 countries and regions.

Fair’s profile:
March 6-9, 2018, the 18th China Xiamen International Stone Fair should be the highlight of your schedule! Finally, you can escape the mundane office by coming to Xiamen, China to network with company representatives from 150 countries, discover innovative products, and join industry-leading seminars.

* Make sure your destination is to Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (XMN). It currently operates over 100 domestic and dozens of international flights.
* Travel from the airport to Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center (XICEC) is convenient by taxi for 25 minutes. Airport shuttle service from the airport to the exhibition center is available every hour during daytime on March 3-9.
* Xiamen Airlines now offers many international flights with competitive rates for its all-Boeing fleet. The direct route between the cities below has been opened.

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