24th MARBLE in Izmir from March 28 to 31, 2018: „the world will come to visit the fair”

MARBLE 2017.

For the first time, the event will have a pavilion for foreign exhibitors / The Natural Stone Institute (before: MIA) takes part with its educational program

Countdown has begun in the 24th MARBLE International Natural Stone & Technologies Fair which will bring the world to Izmir and which achieved to be a world brand in its domain, the preparatory works are ongoing at full speed.

The participants, guest, promotion and event works in the scope of MARBLE 24th International Natural Stone & Technologies Fair which will be hosted by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and held by İZFAŞ on March 28-31, 2018 are being currently pursued all over the world.

MARBLE 2017.

There will be a foreign participant pavilion for the first time

This year a pavilion for foreign participants will be formed for the first time in direction of works pursued to increase the number of foreign participation in the fair taking place in the biggest three fairs of the world in the industry of natural stone.

Companies from foreign countries will find the opportunity to exhibit their products in the booths pertaining to their countries this time in the pavilion planned to be in Hall C. An increase in the number of foreign participants is expected with the international hall where Brazil, Iran, China and India will presents their products, among others.

Cooperation between „MIA+BSI: Natural Stone Institute” and Izmir fair: (f.l.t.r) David Castellucci (MIA+BSI), Gökalp Soygül (Directing Manager Sales and Marketing, İZFAŞ), Caner Özkan (Sales & Marketing, İZFAŞ), Bruce Knaphus (MIA+BSI).

Natural Stone Institute (before: MIA)

In scope of the fair, collaboration has been realized with the American Natural Stone Institute (MIA) being one of the biggest organizations of natural stone in the world. Furthermore, MIA coming to the fair as participant will present a user instruction containing all components of the industry of natural stone from producer to seller by giving a seminar.

An increase by thousand square meters in the block area

A special work has been performed for the block area where the products of raw materials constituting more than half of the export figures of Turkey in natural stone are exhibited in the fair. The block area that will have 5,169 squares meters this year, will make a record as an area where the biggest quantity of raw materials is exhibited in the world by an increase of thousand square meters in the 24th MARBLE.

Experience natural stone at the source!

24th MARBLE that is known as the source of natural stone worldwide and that invites people to have this experience is promoting itself with the slogan „Experience Natural Stone at the Source!” in numerous airports, fairs and centrums in Turkey and in the world.

MARBLE 2017.

Ideas to bring natural stone together with aesthetics

There will be the 1st Platform of Young and Creative Ideas of which the infrastructure will be constituted by „the Meeting of Architects”. Young designers between the ages 18 and 30 will meet with innovative companies of the industry in domains such as industrial design, internal architecture, landscaping, architecture through the platform. The visionary young designers who will dominate the future technologies will be brought in the natural stone industry in Turkey and in the world.

„Sector Talks” that was realized in the 23rd MARBLE will take its place this year under „The Meeting of Architects”. Thus, the architects dominating the use of natural stone by the buildings that they design and the industry of natural stone will meet to make the natural stone a material demanded also in the known areas of utilization.

MARBLE 2017.

MARBLE is an important factor in export targets of 2023

The new president of İMİB – Istanbul Mineral Exporters Association Aydın Dinçer underlined the importance of unity and scientific studies and argued that: „Mining sector is one of the sectors having high value added in export of Turkey. We have met in ,the Workshop of Mining’ held on November 22-24, 2017 in Antalya in order to discuss the targets of 2023 and the solutions of the problems. The road for 2023 of our sector for which an export figure of 15 billion dollars is targeted has been established. We underline in the works performed to increase our share in export that MARBLE is the most important natural stone and technologies fair in Turkey”.

„İZFAŞ presents us to the world”

Ragıp Yaşlı being one of the shareholders of Alacakaya Marble and Mining Enterprise presenting the Sour Cherry Marble of Elazığ which is available only in Elazığ and is exported to 60 countries in 4 continents stated that: „We have to act correctly if we want to move on. We have taken part in the fair since the first day. We would continue to perform this work as İZFAŞ performs very well the work of promoting us to the world.”

MARBLE, Izmir, Turkey, March 23-31, 2018

MARBLE 2017.