In Hall 1, Grassi Pietre’s limestone Pietra di Vicenza comes back to its formation in the oceans of primeval times

Marmomac 2018: Grassi Pietre

Under the title „The Stone and The Water“ the company shows an artistic installation referring to sea-life 40 million years ago

At Marmomac 2018 in Hall 1 (Italian Stone Theatre) and Hall 6, C2

Grassi Pietre reconfirms its presence at Marmomac 2018 in the course of the Exhibition Architetture per l’acqua, located at The Italian Stone Theatre, the pavilion designated to the Italian stone excellence. One of the events shown there is linked to experimental façade cladding.

„The Stone and the Water“ is the name of Grassi Pietre’s contribution in collaboration with A.c.M.e. Studio, which chose the company’s Pietra di Vicenza Giallo Dorato. The limestone’s variety Light Giallo Dorato used here with a special brushed finishing bears macrofossils in a golden sand matrix. Pietra di Vicenza is suitable both for internal and external claddings, internal floors and staircases, and every other building component.

The installation in Hall 1 of Marmomac is a rock split emerging from the water. The stone stands out monumentally as prismatic stems with a vertical profile up to 5 meters height creating lithic faceting on the surface. A mirrored tower with geometrical and precise rhythm reflects in the water in multi-facetted images.

Marmomac 2018: Grassi Pietre

„The Pietra di Vicenza finds its original element in the water,“ says Architect Moreno Zurlo by A.c.M.e Studio, „shells, corals and algae run to the mountains 40 million years ago, and the particular texture of Pietra di Vicenza tells this story with the unique heritage of the fossils. Now, with this installation, the ancient sea-dwellers return and are mirrored in the water.“

The dimensions of the „Mirror Tower” are about 3 x 3 m, 5.5 m height.

Grassi Pietre’s booth at Marmomac 2018 can be found in Hall 6, C2.

Marmomac 2018: Grassi PietreThere, not only ideas for outside and inside claddings with Pietra di Vicenza limestone will be on display, but also objects from the company’s design affiliate Laboratorio del Marmo. The photo above shows side tables and a console dubbed „Lands” by Kazuhiko Tomita in Pietra di Vicenza Bianca with chromatic metal structure. They are pieces from the collection ON:DESIGN:OFF „which embraces the very latest trends in sculptural design, creating amazing furnishing in which ancient stone is transformed into pure modernity,“ as said on the webpage.

At Marmomac 2018 in Hall 1 (Italian Stone Theatre) and Hall 6, C2

Grassi Pietre, Giallo Dorato

Laboratorio del Marmo

Exhibition Architetture per l’acqua by Vincenzo Pavan: four renowned architects will collaborate with four different companies to create four projects based on façade cladding. They will enhance the technical innovation of material processing matching the water to create a majestic final effect with four lytic towers facing solemnly a body of water, each one following a particular creative interpretation.

A.c.M.e. studio (Raffaela Braggio, Giovanni Castiglioni, Filippo Legnaghi, Moreno Zurlo) is an architectural studio based in Verona, founded by a group of architects arriving from different Italian universities (Venice, Milan, Rome). In ten years, the studio has been distinguished thanks to different works: the monumental restoration, the sacred architecture, the agricultural firms with particular attention to the wine cellars.