AKDOLAM: stone sandwiches „totally customizable“


The thin and light panels in large formats allow to reduce the construction costs with marble or granite / High impact-resistance

At Marmomac 2018 in Hall 8, G8

AKDOLAM, Turkish company AKDO/Silkar’s super thin stone laminates, not only reduce the thickness of stone to 5 mm but also the corresponding mass. They weigh a mere 3.3 lb./sq. ft (or 16.11 kg/m² (see below technical data in kg/m²) for the entire sandwich and are available in a choice of 4 backing materials: honeycomb, fiberglass, glass or porcelain.

That gives the user a lot of options: e.g. with the fiberglass carrier the laminate may even be bent…

A large variety of natural stone may be selected which in consequence makes the material „totally customizable,“ as said on the webpage. There, the customer finds a simulator to request the price of his special selection.


Panels may have large format sizes of up to 70.9” x 118.1” (180 cm x 300 cm). This does not only makes transportation cheaper but also brings costs down significantly at the construction site. „Installation takes 50% less time“, AKDO informs.

Although the stone is very thin, the panel has a high impact-resistance.

AKDO/Silkar: AKDOLAM (see below link to technical data in kg/m²).

In a brochure for download, AKDOLAM is dubbed „the lightest natural stone“. Its surface may have finishings like polished, sandblasted, brushed, sandblasted & brushed and even some unusual ones like Pico Lines, Virgula or Grains, depending on the type of stone.

AKDOLAM is ideal for applications such as interior walls, floors or ceilings. It even may be used in wet areas like showers.

The photos above show AKDOLAM made of Calacatta Gold and Negro Marquina used for the flooring in the lobby of Chicago’s Ritz Carlton Hotel. The pattern of 34” x 34” (roughly 1m x 1m) graphic squares is made up of 4 trapezoids and 2 triangle-shaped marble pieces in black and white. By this design, the architect wanted to „create a cohesive look that celebrates the nature of the city’s skyscrapers“.


Another example is Harvey Nichols luxury department store in Doha Festival City, where different types of marble maintaining the modern and glamorous look that is a peculiarity of the brand were used.


The „Marble Garden“ installation was the winner in a design competition for young Architects. The topic was Biophilic Design. Here AKDOLAM marble with Aluminum Honeycomb was implemented. The super-thin and super-light stone panels allowed an unique construction.

AKDO summarizes on the webpage: „AKDOLAM offers a more sustainable, custom approach to design, while maintaining a lower price point.“

At Marmomac 2018 in Hall 8, G8


Technical data in kg/m²