At Princeton University’s Lewis Center for the Arts, FILA Surface Care Solutions impregnated the natural stone façades

The Lewis Center for the Arts at Princeton University.

At Marmomac, acid protection of kitchen counter tops and stone washing tables is an important center of focus

At Marmomac 2018 in Hall 7, C6-C7

Latest news: FILA will show its innovative „Instant Solution Kit” which allows a facilitated initial cleaning without having to wait for the floor to be completely dry

FILA was practically „enrolled” at one of the leading centers of learning: at New Jersey’s Princeton University’s Lewis Center for the Arts a back ventilated limestone façade bears a water-resistant coating. The Lecce Limestone implemented reacts adversely to weathering and smog.

FILA came up with a special treatment for the limestone from Southern Italy. The basis is Hydrorep Eco, a breathable water repellant surface protection: The material is impregnated in depth while retaining permeability.

Hydrorep Eco also reduces the growth of algae, mold and efflorescence (according to tests using the ISO-Method 846: this is a 1999-certified method of minimizing spread of microorganisms on synthetic materials). It prevents erosion by weather.

FILA-Specialists at work on the Lecce Limestone façade.

Hydrorep Eco is ideal for protecting outer walls and prevents efflorescence. It is resistant to UV-rays and can be applied to surfaces with residual moisture thus drastically reducing costs.

Impregnation of the Lewis Center for the Arts was carried out with the help of an airless pump in great height. Finally FILA handed out the maintenance manual for the sustained care of the façade to the project managers.

At Marmomac acid protection of kitchen counter tops and wash tables made of natural stone will be one point of focus at the FILA-stand.

Acid and stain protection of marble surfaces using Marble Aid is new: the product is an odorless, solvent-free treatment suitable for protecting stone surfaces from damage through foodstuffs, cosmetics or household cleaning agents.

Marble Aid creates a barrier which effectively prevents or at least decelerates penetration of harmful substances in the stone’s pores allowing sufficient time to wipe the surface clean.

But the stone can continue to breathe, absorb and dissipate moisture.

The concept of Marble Aid was introduced at Marmomac 2017 and shortly thereafter won the Innovation Prize at the Las Vegas Stone Fair.

FILA’s „Green“-Line logo.

FILA tops the market in Surface Care Solutions for cleaning, protecting and caring for stone surfaces, terracotta and ceramics. It has been on the market since 1943.

Visitors of Marmomac have the unique opportunity of gathering information on the entire spectrum of FILA’s products.

This includes FILA’s „Smartstone”-concept: with the help of modern technology, stone is made „smart”, a value-added feature allowing its implementation in areas previously unforeseen.

At Princeton University FILA Surface Care Solutions demonstrated yet another feature: there is a solution for every problem, individually identified and tied into a custom-made solution package ranging from treatment at source during production to protection at the construction site and finally to treatment and care in every-day use.

Comprehensive instruction for the client is an important part of the package.

At Marmomac 2018 in hall 7, C6-C7

FILA Surface Care Solutions