STONE 2018 in Poznan November 14-17, 2018: focus on the interaction of architects with the stone industry

Logo of STONE fair in Poznan.

Lectures about innovative usages of stone in construction and product design / Mosaic art

Update: the complete program of Arena STONE 2018

STONE Industry Fair in Poznan from November 14th to 17th, 2018 will have a stronger focus on the interaction between architecture and design and the stone branch. By this, organizer MTP (Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie) will pay tribute to the fact that professionals in both sectors are working more and more closely together. „The creation of outstanding architectural designs without the cooperation of architectural studios with the stone industry would not be possible,” says Robert Mieldziuk, project director of STONE fair.

The aim is to use the fair as a hub to bring architects and masonry people together in order to establish closer business relationships.

One of the key events held at the fair will be Arena STONE where experts from Italy, Germany, and Poland will present innovative ideas how natural stone can be used.

Some of the lecturers about stone topics on the second day of Arena STONE (November, 15th) will be:

Raffaello Galiotto: „Rezzonico“.Raffaello Galiotto, an industrial designer from Chiampo, Northern Italy. Since 2014 he has been active as a curator of Marmomac fair’s pavilion titled „Italian Stone Theatre”. In recent years, he opened up new ways how to use marble in close cooperation with innovative Italian companies using their CNC-technologies. One of his key aims is the create a sustainable stone design – making the most out the precious material without producing waste. He teaches at the University of Ferrara in Italy.

„Armadillo Vault” at the Biennale 2016 in Venice.Peter Becker, editor-in-Chief of the trade portal Stone-Ideas.com: He will lecture about innovative architectural ideas like prestressing the stone with steel cables or new application of the old Stereotomy. Another topic will be Building With Massive Stone, a new trend from France where little stone blocks are assembled like children’s toys.

Giulio Menossi.Giulio Menossi is an expert in creating mosaics. He has been working on their designing and performing for over 38 years. Mosaic compositions made by him comprise a wide range of topics, including religious icons, portraits, and reproductions of classic pieces of arts. He creates his works in his own workshop in Udine, Italy (nearby Venice). Many exhibitions and shows were devoted to his works, like the International Review of Mosaic in Buenos Aires, among others (1, 2).

Lubosz Karwat: „Air”.Lubosz Karwat: an internationally known mosaic artist from Poland. He won several awards and competitions in bringing new design ideas into the century-old tradition of tesserae. One of the latest prizes was from the Gaziantep Mozaik Yarışması in Turkey. He is also active as a city designer, as said on his webpage: „If you too are tired of looking at an ugly city wall or a lifeless spot in your immediate surroundings … call me”. He has organized many workshops were citizens use mosaics to embellish their municipal districts. His lecture will be about „Mosaic art as a practical way of decoration”.

The second day of Arena STONE will see panel discussions with Polish and foreign architects. Some of the most famous buildings in Poland will be presented and discussed.

The third day of Arena STONE will be dedicated to a large spectrum of applications of glass in architecture, construction, and interior design.

In addition, visitors who choose to visit the STONE Industry Fair in Poznan will see many inspiring works in natural stone, special equipment for cutting and processing stone, as well as chemicals for cleaning and maintenance of stone surfaces. They will also have the opportunity to see the works from the International Sculpture Symposium titled „Continuum.”

Simultaneously with STONE fair, the following events will take place on the fairground in Poznan city center just a few steps away from the central train station:
* GLASS Industry Fair: Many of the leading manufacturers and distributors of machines offer equipment for the processing of stone as well as for glass;
* Wojciech Krawczyk MEMENTO Poznan Funeral Fair.

„Traditional presence at the fair of specialists in these three industries will provide exhibitors with even higher return on the marketing investment,” emphasizes Robert Mieldziuk.

STONE, November 14-17, 2018

(30.10.2018, USA: 30.10.2018)