„MARBLE AID XT“ by FILA: compatible primer and coating for surfaces on the basis of micro coating


The new product by Italian specialist in care and cleaning has special properties

Seen under the microscope, seemingly sleek stone surfaces look like an alpine landscape with peaks and valleys. No wonder then, that applying a dependable protective coating is no easy task. Italian specialist for surface care and cleaning, FILA Surface Care Solutions, has introduced an innovative set comprising a primer and a protector. The primer is applied first followed by the protector some 30 minutes later. Together they bond to form a resilient protective coating.

„MARBLE AID XT“ is the name of this new product. It is based on microcoating and protects stone surfaces from corrosion by acids and leaching by alkaline solutions.

The protective coating is applied on top of the primer and adheres perfectly for two reasons: first, the coating is applied to an even surface and second, the two components of MARBLE AID XT are mutually compatible.

The protective coating ensures that acids and bases do not damage the surface of the noble natural stone particularly that of kitchen counter tops or bathroom vanities. Marble, e.g., when brought into contacts with acids or bases can develop unsightly rough, mat stains.


MARBLE AID XT evolved from Marble Aid, first presented at Marmomac 2017 by FILA. Marble Aid won a prize for innovation at the Las Vegas Fair a few months after it was introduced.

MARBLE AID XT caters to the clients special wishes:
∗ It can be used over and over again;
∗ For renewal it can be easily removed with FILA products and applied again;
∗ It is suitable for surfaces that come into contact with foodstuffs;
∗ It is a water-soluble solution with low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions;
∗ It is resistant against UV rays;
∗ It won’t yellow;
∗ It is suitable for application on polished as well as for unpolished surfaces;
∗ It can be used for indoor and outdoor elements;
∗ It is suitable for marble, other natural stone, and engineered stone.

The MARBLE AID XT kit contains 3 components: the primer, the protector, and an activator. The activator must be added to the other two components before application. The set also contains a mohair fleece applicator.

Shops and specialists can be found on the FILA homepage.

FILA Surface Care Solutions.