25th Marble Fair in Izmir (March 27-30, 2019) will outline the way to the future of the world’s natural stone industry

Marble Izmir Fair 2018: „Young Creative Ideas” platform.

Key topics of the program are technology, creativity and design / 40 Experts from the US-Natural Stone Institute will train Turkish companies

At the 25th Marble Fair in Izmir (March 27-30, 2019) will be shown and discussed the transformation of the natural stone industry worldwide. Turkey as the country with 40 percent of the world marble resources with more than 650 colors and textures will continue to play an important role in this process. Fair organizer Fuar İzmir company, one of the oldest brands of economic progress in Turkey, will showcase the pioneers of local and national innovation in the stone sector.

More than looking into the future, Marble Izmir will also introduce Turkey as the bridge connecting the Middle East and the Western world. The Fair, which is a meeting point of both markets, will reveal new business opportunities.

Last year’s „International Pavilion” will again be held. In 2019, Afghanistan, Iran, India, Brazil, and China are expected to participate. Iran’s presentation, comprising its own block exhibition in the block area, will grow 3 times compared to 2018.

While Afghanistan and Iran come to the forefront with their unique marble varieties, Brazil and India will introduce their boutique granite varieties with different combinations of colors and patterns. China will present its large variety of materials.

Key topics of the above-mentioned transformation of the stone industry are technology, creativity, and design.

The 5th edition of the International Stone Congress will highlight presentations in design with natural stone, the importance of stone in contemporary architecture, the cultural dimension of stone, innovative methods in stone design realization and mosaic culture. In addition, the World Natural Stone Forum will bring together representatives from USA, Spain, India, Iran, Brazil, Russia, China, and Turkey.

Marble Izmir Fair 2018: Natural Stone Institute panel discussion.

Natural Stone Institute (NSI)

The Natural Stone Institute (NSI) will again be a special guest. The US-association with more than 2,000 members from 55 countries will send a team of 40 experts to lay out the basis for an increase in the stone exchange between Turkey and North America.

One aspect of the training will be the ASTM standards. „If Turkey succeeds these practices that emphasize quality and efficiency in production, it will make an important investment for the future: Manufacturers will use fewer resources and produce more efficient products, as well as become the largest supplier in the Western world,” as said in a press release of Fuar İzmir.

„Natural Stone Institute officials, indicating that Turkey is one of the important partners of America, believe that many natural stone resources in the country are still unexplored or abandoned because they are not suitable for production. At this point, with the advancement of stone processing technology, the value of Turkey in the world market will increase exponentially.”

Marble Izmir Fair 2018: lecture.

Three workshops

Preparing to shape Turkey’s future according to world standards, 3 workshops will be held at 25th Marble Izmir Fair”:
* The natural Stone Institute will prepare a workshop on the production of stones;
* the „Designer Habitat Workshop” will be held for the first time;
* the „Young Creative Ideas” platform will see its second edition. Bringing in unusual ideas to the transformation of natural stone, the platform will strengthen the sector with new designs and encourage designers to go to international markets.

Marble, Izmir (March 27-30, 2019)

Photos: Fuar İzmir

Marble Izmir Fair 2018.Marble Izmir Fair 2018.Marble Izmir Fair 2018.Marble Izmir Fair 2018.