Application open for the 2nd Makurazaki International Art Award Exhibition

Makurazaki city.Makurazaki city.

The city in the South of Japan invites for a contest sculptors working with stone and other artists

In 2018, Makurazaki city in Japan’s Kagoshima province had held a stone sculptors‘ symposium. We contacted the organizer and Sumire Nakasaka from Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau told us that this year an art exhibition would be held. Also, stone sculptors from all over the world are invited to send objects for a contest.

Although the conditions are not favorable for participants from outside Japan, we quote the most important facts of the documents and add a download link:

„By soliciting a wide range of works from within Japan and around the world, this event will provide a setting for the display and appreciation of great art. This event strives turn Makurazaki a source of art and culture, and to improve international cultural exchange with the local culture.

We hope to receive many works brimming with creativity.

Prizes will for both two-dimensional or three-dimensional art works will be:
Grand Prize: 1 Entry / 2,000,000 Yen (US-$ 18,200)
Second Prize: 2 Entries / 1,000,000 Yen (US-$ 9,000)
Honorable Mention: 5 Entries / 200,000 Yen (US-$ 1800)
Sponsors’ Prize: 15 Entries / 100,000 Yen (US-$ 900)

Although all techniques and materials are acceptable, we are soliciting works which would be interpreted as modern artistic expressions. Applications from overseas are limited to work with an evaluation price of less than US-$ 5,000.

The selection of the works will take place in two rounds:
* in the 1st round there is no submission fee. Deadline: March 15, 2019.
* in the 2nd round, submission fee is 7,000 Yen per entry (an additional fee of 3,000 yen will be charged for each entry beyond the first entry).
* If selected for the 2nd round, participants themselves have to organize the shipping.
* Exhibition: July 21 – September 16, 2019
* Award Ceremony: July 21, 2019
* The grand prize and second prize entries will be purchased with prize money and shall become the property of the event hosts.

Three-dimensional works:
* Entries must fit into a cubic box 70 cm on each side. Rod-like works must be no higher than 1 m. Please specify the technique, weight, size dimensions, materials used, and display instructions on entry form No.2.“

Event Information

Entry Form

Makurazaki city has nearly 30 sculpture works on permanent show along one of the main roads in the city.

The city is also famous for the production are of dried bonito flakes ,Katsuobushi’ (video).

Photos: Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau

Makurazaki city.Makurazaki city.Makurazaki city.Makurazaki city.Makurazaki city.