International Sculpture Symposium in the Castle & Zoo Hoyerswerda: „Humanimal – Man – Animal – Soul”

12th International Sculpture Symposium in Hoyerswerda.

From June 20 to July 02, 2019 a meeting of international artists will take place in the Saxon city in Germany

From June 20 to July 02, 2019 the Schloss & Zoo (Castle & Zoo) in the Saxon city of Hoyerswerda in Germany will become an art zone. Because then the 12th International Sculpture Symposium will take place. This time there will be artists from Armenia, Moldova, Russia and Germany. The 5 sculptors were selected by a jury of 6 from more than 25 applications.

This year, everything revolves around the theme „Humanimal – Human – Soul – Animal”. The organizers around Kerstin Noack have set the motto on the basis of the 60th birthday of the zoo and the long-standing artistic director of the symposia, Jürgen von Woyski, who would have celebrated his 90th birthday this year.

Marcel Müller was one of the sculptors who actively participated in the 11th Symposium in 2016. This time, together with Martina Rohrmoser-Mueller, he is assisting the castle in project coordination. „We will support the artists”, he says, with heavy technology and experience which is required when turning or lifting the solid sandstones or logs is needed.
The stone blocks weigh up to one ton, and the artists can create works of art from them in just 11 days. Marcel Müller still remembers the special atmosphere when working in the zoo. Now, for the first time, the artists stand together as a group. During the symposium, the former camel grounds will become their open-air studio and visitors will be able to look over the sculptors‘ shoulders.

By the way, young artists from the Foucault High School in Hoyerswerda and trainees from the Saxon Stonemason School in Demitz-Thumitz will also be there for the first time.

12th International Sculpture Symposium, Hoyerswerda (German)

Source: Castle & Zoo Hoyerswerda

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