Company news: Intermac, Donatoni Macchine, and Montresor will show the latest stone machining technology in Hall 5 of Marmomac

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„Added productivity, cost reduction, safety, and technological innovation are at the heart of Donatoni design,“ according to a press release

Italien Biesse Group with its affiliates Intermac, Donatoni Macchine, and Montresor will be present in Hall 5 at Marmomac 2019 (September 25-28). The company sent us the following press release:

„Intermac, Donatoni Macchine, and Montresor are distinct companies in terms of their stone machining technology. But at their joint exhibit in Hall 5 at Marmomac, they will complement each other and create synergy, sharing competencies and know-how as they showcase innovative solutions, powerful software, and cutting-edge technology.

The booth will feature machining centers, waterjet machines, bridge saws, cutting centers, edge-polishers, finishing and robotics systems, providing operators in the stone, stone engineering and ceramics sectors with tailored solutions that can be integrated to help customers’ businesses evolve. The combination of technological capacity with a vast and localized distribution network means the three companies can offer solutions for the creation of the digital factory with 360° customer care.

Intermac constantly redesigns the future of production. At Marmomac, the company will show the benefits of integrating technology with ROS (Robotically Operated Systems). These systems, which stand out for their space-saving dimensions, can be inserted into the production flow with extreme flexibility, optimizing machining cycles and combining versatility with efficiency and high return on investment. ROS will enhance the Master One machining center, a solution easily integrated into the flow of production, highlighting its innovative features.

Combined with two large companies like Intermac and Donatoni Macchine, Montresor’s high-quality products and solutions complete the total range of products clients can see in action.

As visitors to Marmomac will see, added productivity, cost reduction, safety, and technological innovation are at the heart of Donatoni design. The company focuses on the creation of high-performance machines to increase efficiency and product quality.

This new machine for 2019 features
1) an innovative control console completely redesigned and optimized for a new working experience,
2) a special machine for slabs processing and cladding, and
3) new software including Parametrix. Designed by the company, it offers new applications, machine monitoring, CAD-CAM integrated with a 3D scanner, and other innovations for the 4.0 certified factory.

The exhibit will be centered around the Digital Hub, which links software packages. Visitors can examine the true heart of the applications installed on Intermac technology, including EasySTONE, developed specifically for machining marble, granite, and synthetic materials. Specialized technical experts will be on hand to explain how it all works together.

Visitors will also experience SOPHIA, an IoT service platform that provides real-time information and data through intuitive dashboards designed to increase productivity and minimize downtime.

Diamut, tooling division

Diamut will demonstrate how its technology anticipates the needs of a constantly evolving market. Located in Hall 7, Booth C6, the booth will be dedicated to presenting all the main solutions for edge-polishing and machining of paving units and kitchen countertops. Diamut will also be part of the Intermac exhibit, providing an internal demo area that showcases the workmanship of Diamut tools.”


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