Company news: at Marmomac, Thibaut shows 5 machines and multiple equipment for machining all types of natural or agglomerated materials

Thibaut’s booth at Marmomac 2019 in Hall 4, F2-F3-G1-G2-G3.

The French machinery company will also show workpieces (kitchentops, bathroom, monuments) produced with its equipment

French manufacturer Thibaut will have its booth at Marmomac show in Verona in Hall 4, F2-F3-G1-G2-G3. The company will display 5 machines and multiple equipment for machining all types of natural or agglomerated materials (ceramic, granite, marble, limestone, concrete, glass, engineered stone, slate…). More than this, many new workpieces made with Thibaut machines will be exhibited this year: kitchentops, bathroom, monuments…

Two new machines presented in Verona: The new range design has been entirely rethought. The machines’ new doors, in compliance with current CE standards, offer increased safety to the operator thanks to their dimensions and composition. A large screen directly integrated into the door facilitates access to the control panel for the operator while having a good visibility on the machining area.

T952 interface „Pilot“.The machines come with the very latest user-friendly and ergonomic „Pilot“ interface developed by Thibaut, for more efficiency and speed.

Thibaut T952.T952, the 6 axis multifunction powerful machine from the new „All-in-one“ range presented in 2018. This all-in-one machining center is capable to saw like a sawing center, to machine like a machining center and to polish like a polishing center. The T952 enables to make the operations of several machines in one: straight cut, inclined cut, flat polishing, 3D shaping, drilling, edge polishing… The new 6 axis head developed by THIBAUT offers more sturdiness and accuracy.

* T812V5: the new 3 & 4 axis machining center is the concentrate of technologies you needed with its automatic tool change. Very versatile, in its XL version, you can install up to 49 tools. The machine is more powerful while increasing its working capacities.

The new AR-3 satellite head provides an unequalled polishing quality.The Thibaut pneumatic pressure combined with our new AR-3 satellite head provides an unequalled polishing quality.

TC625: the new 5 axis sawing center : a genuine CNC sawing and milling center, approved for ceramics, with up to 5 axes, the machine allows you to link the cuts in all directions (straight or inclined) automatically without moving the slab. It can cut materials up to 200mm (up to 7.87’’) and profile workpieces of any shape. The 360° disc rotation (diameter from Ø300 to Ø650 mm / 11.8’’ to 25.6’’) makes the turning table unnecessary, making the machine very compact. The torque and variable speed (up to 6000 rpm standard) of the 13.2 kW (S6) spindle combined with the machine design allows you to achieve maximum cutting speed!

With our ACS (Angle Cutting System), all cuts can be made continuously without any stoppage, even the complete achievement of every corner.
AVS (Automatic Vacuum System): A suction system that enables to automatically move the workpieces without interruption.

Thibaut TC1350.TC1350V2: the only multipurpose sawing and profiling center with moveable beam, offering high capacity with minimum height. It easily allows high precision cuts in materials up to 520 mm (20.5’’) thick. With lots of power and torque available, thanks to its 44.4 kW spindle motor and variable speed from 0 to 6000 rpm, and the automatic tool changing, you can do so much more – drill, profile, mill, shape in 3D…

Stone PolySphere designed by Giuseppe Fallacara & Maurizio Barberio.The Stone PolySphere will be exhibited this year again. This workpiece was designed by the world-renowned architects Giuseppe Fallacara & Maurizio Barberio.

Thibaut TWJ 4020.TWJ 4020 3 & 5 axes: the waterjet cutting machine from THIBAUT, ideal for cutting the simplest to the most complex shapes in any kind of materials: granite, marble, ceramic… Its very thin (1mm/ 0.039’’) and extremely powerful high-pressure water jet (up to 4000 bars / 58015’’ PSI) is capable of cutting the hardest material.

The large table allows work on sizable or multiple workpieces. The ergonomics of the machine makes it easy for the operator to access the table. Two versions of this machine are available: TWJ 4020 with a 4 x 2 m (13.1’ x 6.6’) table,
and TWJ 3317 with a 3.3 x 1.7 m (9.8’ x 5.6’) table

TSB will present its range of tools and accessories to work with any material.


Source : Thibaut