FILA: the innovations at Marmomac and Cersaie are „green”

FILA surface care solutions focuses on research and development for sustainability

At Marmomac in Hall 7, C6-C7, at Cersaie in Hall 31A, A20

FILA surface care solutions focuses in research and development on sustainability and announces important new developments in this area in the run-up to the two leading world trade fairs Marmomac and Cersaie.

FILA is involved with the FILA Green Action program at different levels of environmental protection and health. An essential aspect is the development of environmentally friendly products (water-based technology with low VOC emissions and without any significant risk to human health). Over the next few years, the water-based products will replace the solvent-based ones.

Benefits of water-based products:
* They are environmentally friendly,
* they are are odorless,
* they can also be used in case of residual humidity, saving time at the construction site,
* the coating can be done after just a few hours,
* they are preferable in the case of porous and highly absorbent materials.

The products from the extensive „Fila Green Line” are chracterized by 10 „green dots”:
1. High biodegradability.
2. Compliance with VOC regulations: Green Line products have low emissions of volatile hydrocarbons, the main cause of global warming. Some products are completely VOC free.
3. Solvent free products which do not attack the ozone.
4. Products classified as non-flammable and non-toxic for man and the environment.
5. Highly concentrated products, giving increased coverage, creating less waste in the environment and requiring less packaging.
6. pH between 3 and 12: Fila products do not harm surfaces while giving high quality results.
7. Products without formaldehyde, hypochlorites, toxic or carcinogenic substances, often present in chemicals used for cleaning and protecting surfaces.
8. Non-metalized waxes: the presence of metals in substances is highly polluting for water.
9. Water-soluble solvents, excluding those most toxic for water and the user (carbitols and cellosolves).
10. Elimination of phthalates as plasticisers in all wax formulas, responsible for reproduction problems in animals and humans.

What is green about FILA’s organization?

The company sees sustainability as a holistic concept encompassing all divisions. This has been recognized since 2014 with the environmental certification according to ISO 14001-2004.

This includes the choice of raw materials as well as the production process, packaging, transport and also the products.

For example, visitors at the trade fairs can discover how 80% of the packaging can be saved and which are this year’s new products in the area of innovative water-based technology.

In 2018, FILA generated 84,697 kWh of green electricity. The company’s entire energy needs including production, laboratory and office buildings, are covered by the company’s own photovoltaic system commissioned in 2013.

With every kWh generated by the photovoltaic system, FILA helps to achieve the climate goal. Compared to electricity from fossil fuels, the earth’s atmosphere can relax a little with 0.53 kg of carbon dioxide per kWh. In 2018 alone, that resulted in a redutcion of 44,889 kg of CO2.

In the 30 years of the plant’s lifetime, 1,246,320 tonnes of CO2 emissions have been saved.

Proper care of the floor coverings with FILA's ecological products makes a decisive contribution to healthy living.

With responsible consumer behavior, more and more people are trying to protect the health of their loved ones from harmful substances in the home, while preserving the beauty and longevity of their floor coverings as long as possible.

Proper maintenance with ecological care products makes a decisive contribution to this. In this way, health, hygiene and care can be optimally combined. An important contribution to healthy living is made by the neutral cleaning concentrate FILACleaner.

The cleaning, protection and care expert FILA Surface Care Solutions gives great importance to sustainable solutions for refining and extending the lifetime of natural stone floor coverings and cladding.

The company offers products with LEED credits and GEV EMICODE CERTIFICATES.

The product portfolio ranges from cleaners and impregnations to maintenance care and solutions for removing stains.

FILA surface care solutions

At Marmomac in Hall 7, C6-C7, at Cersaie in Hall 31A, A20

(16.09.2019, USA: 09.16.2019)