Call for visual artists for the „Sentiers d’Art“ from May 21 to 31, 2020 in Belgium

Logo of the Sentiers d’art (Trails of Art).

Artworks in durable materials shall be created onsite to be exposed along a 140 km long walking loop in the Condroz-Famenne region

Plastic artists are invited to participate in the „Sentiers d’Art“ (Trails of Art) in the Condroz-Famenne region, Belgium. From May May 21 to 31, 2020, they will onsite create about 6 works to be installed along a walking way of about 140 km. Deadline for applications is January 01, 2020.

Participants may be individual artists or groups. They will stay on residency from May 21st to 31st, 2020 in the towns of Ciney, Gesves, Hamois, Havelange, Ohey and Somme-Leuze. The work must be completed until May 30, one day before the inauguration festivities as part of „La Fête de Mai”.

Selected artists will be informed in early February 2020. The event is organized by the Maison du Tourisme Condroz-Famenne with various partnerships with the municipalities.

„We are seeking installations with an estimated lifetime of at least 4 years“, as said in the application documents. All types of hard materials are allowed; in case of wood, priority is given to local varieties.

Each artist or group will receive a royalty of 1250 € including VAT. Travel expenses will be refunded. „You will be provided with host family accommodation or residency accommodation during the event, together with free meals. You will be invited to various dinners, music evenings and cultural events in order to meet the local inhabitants. Your presence is highly encouraged.“

Traditional and regional materials shall be supplied by the organizers (stone, clay, wood, trunks, branches, twigs, iron, etc.). The supplied materials shall remain the property of the organizers.

During the creation period, the participants may be led to meet with the public, in particular school groups, in a spirit of awareness and continuous learning. „The organizers shall ensure these meetings do not affect the work completion deadline and shall schedule them in agreement with the artist.“

After the event, in accordance with Belgian law, the installed works will become the rightful property of the organizers or owner of the aforesaid land.

The „Sentiers d’Art“ loop walk measures over 140 km and is scheduled to be realized over a 4-year period from 2017 to 2020. The art trail will span 6 towns in the Condroz-Famenne geographical area, i.e. Ciney, Gesves, Hamois, Havelange, Ohey, and Somme-Leuze.

Sentiers d’art

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