Call for entries: artworks for the outdoor Sculpture Park in Wuhu city in the Yangtze River Delta, Eastern China

8th „Liu Kaiqu Award“ International Sculpture Exhibition.

Update: Deadline postponed until March 31

Prizes from 250,000 to 80,000 RMB (US-$36,000 to 1,150) / Sculptors’ proposals will be realized by Chinese companies

International artists may enter proposals for outdoor public sculptures to be exhibited at the 8th „Liu Kaiqu Award“ International Sculpture Exhibition to be held in Wuhu, China. Out of the artists’ ideas, a committee will select 35 sculptures which will be produced by local companies and shown in the parks of the city.

The theme is „Transformation – Change“. The deadline for entries is before March 01, 2020.

Prizes are:
Gold Award: 1 winner, 250,000 RMB (After-tax)
Silver Award: 2 winners, 180,000 RMB (After-tax)
Bronze Award: 3 winners, 120,000 RMB (After-tax)
Jury Award: 2 winners, 100,000 RMB (After-tax)
Excellence Award: 22 winners, 80,000 RMB (After-tax)
Special Honor Award: 5 winners
Excellent Short Listed Art Award: 20 winners

During this year’s exhibition, the Wuhu Municipal People’s Government shall select 3 sculptures out of the 35 finalists which will be bestowed the „Government Honor Awards“ worth 300,000 RMB.

After the selection, the 35 proposals will be realized by „a professional factory … The organizing committee will determine the finishing size and materials. The mud draft of figurative realistic sculptures should be amplified by the artist him/herself. During this time, the artist must go to the factory and supervise the production process once. Accommodation will be provided by the art committee…“

The works will be permanently exhibited in the Sculpture Exhibition. The artworks winning the „Government Honor Awards“ maybe be copied and used in other venues as „highlight to show the elegant demeanor of Wuhu City“, according to the webpage.

Wuhu, also known as „Wu“ or „River City“, is located in Anhui province in the Yangtze River Delta in Eastern China. After becoming known as „famous city in Wu and Chu Region” and as „National Forest City”, the local authorities started the Wuhu Sculpture Park and the „Liu Kaiqu Award” International Sculpture Exhibition in 2011. Until now, more than 280 sculptures by Chinese and foreign artists have been installed in Wuhu’s Sculpture Park and its Central Park, both next to each other. Meanwhile, Wuhu has won a reputation as „Sculpture City“ and its urban art strategy has become known as „Wuhu Model“. The long-term aim is to make Wuhu a „Sculpture Garden City”.

„Transformation – Change“ as the topic means not only to copy the past but also to innovate the future according to the organizers. The competition „encourages sculptors to adopt new thinking in their creation. With joint efforts of sculptors, the public and the government, we hope to see more and more excellent works having the whole country in mind and the whole world in view, and concerning for the contemporary out of the traditional culture.”

Organizers are the China Sculpture Institute, the China Academy of Art and Wuhu Municipal People’s Government.

Call for entries

(28.01.2020, USA: 01.28.2020)