Design: „New Water Forms“

(July 2010) One could conclude that Carrara-Marble is an interesting material for young designers when looking at this year’s Dressed Stone Award of the Italian Antonio Lupi Company. Or else: the terms and conditions of the competition were unbeatable: the award-winning projects were taken up in the company catalogue which, in turn, means licence fees. Carrara Marmotec was also involved in the award.

Incredible 1000+ entries from all over the world were tendered. And they were not restricted to drawings. Some entries ware intricate models delivered to the Company’s address half way between Florence and Lucca. Young designers, architects or students of the faculties between the ages of 19 and 37 were eligible to compete.

Theme of the competition was to combine Carrara Marble and glass to create „New Water Forms“, it’s aim to collect new ideas for bathrooms and wellness areas. Originally three categories were planned: bathtubs, sinks and accessories for the bathroom.

The three prizes were awarded for sink designs. Honourable mentions were given for 5 other entries, among them a bathtub and a bathroom vanity.

Antonio Lupi

Photos: Antonio Lupi