First agreements were signed for „Marble Warsaw” in the Polish capital on June 4-6 2020

„Marble İzmir”, 2019.

For the first time, İZFAŞ organizer of „Marble Izmir” will have a fair abroad / The event will host stone, ceramics, design products, consumables, logistics, and machinery

Latest news: „Marble İzmir” (April 1-4 2020) will again see the „Young Creative Ideas Platform” (see at the bottom).

„Marble İzmir”, a global brand with great success in the natural stone sector, takes its 26 years of experience to Europe. Within this concept, the first agreements were signed for „Marble Warsaw” which will be organized in the most significant trade location of Central Europe, Poland’s capital Warsaw.

Marble İzmir International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair organized by İZFAŞ and hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, no longer fits into its shell. İZFAŞ is preparing to organize a fair abroad for the first time after 26th Marble İzmir Fair to be held in Fuar İzmir on April 1-4 2020.

For Marble Warsaw Fair, to be held at Ptak Warsaw Expo, the biggest fairground and congress center of Central Europe, in Poland, under the cooperation of İZFAŞ and Ptak, on June 4-6 2020, sector representatives met in Historical Gasworks Factory.

Turkish stone landing in Europe

Marble İzmir, which has welcomed 269,588 visitors from Asia, Europe, Africa, and America in the last five years, with an area of 268,211 square meters and 5128 participants, takes its 26 years of experience to Europe.

„Marble İzmir”, 2019.

This year, Marble Fair will also be held in Poland, which has the greatest economic potential in Central and Eastern Europe. Marble will be held under the name of „Marble Warsaw” in Warsaw, one of the leading metropolises of trade in Central Europe.

The fair, which will provide its participants the opportunity to find new customers in Europe, will be held at Ptak Warsaw Expo, the largest exhibition center in Central Europe, among the UFI Exhibition Centers with 143,000 square meters of exhibition space. Turkey, which has covered only 2,761,000 of the 166,161,000 dollars of natural stone exports of Poland, which has invested significantly on the sector due to its use in the construction and building sector, will now strive for the entire amount.

Aiming to reach participants in Poland, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and Russia, Turkey will accelerate the sector strongly through natural stone landing in Europe. The ceramics industry will be included in order to address the construction sector in Poland and Europe as well. Additionally, it is planned to have other companies engaged in with design products, consumables, logistics, and machinery.

„Marble İzmir”, 2019.

A significant step for Turkish natural stone

IZFAS General Manager Canan Karaosmanoğlu Alıcı, who stated that they have put a great effort in worldwide for the Turkish natural stone and sector to achieve the value it deserves, adds „While bringing together all the powerful institutions in our country and carrying on our activities all around the world, we are taking part in new activities in the global field. The current period of Turkey and the world economy has many opportunities and risks. In this process, we do not stop branding and contributing to the trade of our sector. On the other hand, we take advantage of opportunities and create new collaborations. At this point, I highly believe that the fair which we will organize with 25 years of experience and the support of your valued sector representative, is a very significant step in terms of the Turkish natural stone to get the appreciation it deserves.”

„Marble İzmir”, 2019.

„Young Creative Ideas Platform”

Marble Izmir will again see the „Young Creative Ideas Platform”. Design students and studio staff between the ages of 18 and 30 developed and presented household products in natural stone. The objects will be „authenticity, creativity, eco-friendly and practicality”, according to the fair’s press office. The competition will take place for the third time after 2019 and 2018. Like last year, the theme will again be „Different”.

Marble Izmir

Marble Warsaw

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